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Vitrabond Aluminium Composite Panels in the Uk- Valcan Vitrabond Manufacturers in the UK, Valcan Cladding! CSS Facades Ltd

(Vitrabond Aluminium Composite Panels UK, Valcan Vitrabond Manufacturers in the UK)

Vitrabond Aluminium Composite Panels are composed of a fire-resistant core sandwiched between two aluminium or other natural metal cover sheets. It results in outstanding surface flatness and strength-to-weight ratio. It can be successfully folded, curved, and shaped, perfect for facades, soffits, standing seam cladding, and interior cladding applications. The lightweight Vitrabond Aluminium Composite Panels UK is easy and quick to install. When used on an external wall type construction, then the use of Vitrabond will require a performance solution.

Benefits of Valcan Panels

Design and installation

For any design brief, we can supply a full-colour matching solution. Due to its versatility and workability, Vitrabond offers an incomparable range of design options. So it's easy to create the right visual feel for any project.

Design Features

Vitrabond Aluminium Composite Panels UK is designed for durable and easy fixing within carrier systems. The panels are easily machined on or off-site and are designed for easy installation and maintenance.

Valcan Vitrabond Manufacturers

Valcan Vitrabond Manufacturers is a designer and manufacturer of rainscreen cladding systems working with clients, insurers, architects, and contractors. Valcan began with the supply of vitrabond aluminum composite panels. Valcan continues to develop a range of Facade solutions, and it maintains a high level of service and support to the construction industry.

Contact CSS facades for the largest selection of colours and finishes available for the construction industry and are the only metal facade cladding manufacturer in the UK. The panels are cost-effective and have quick lead times.

Vitrabond consists of 2 atomic number 13 or alternative natural metal cowl sheets, enclosure associate A2 rated core. this straightforward idea provides it a large type of benefits for each Architects and Installers. it's stable, nonetheless without delay mouldable, very weather resistant, and really straightforward to put in.

Well established within the market, Vitrabond is recognised by Architects, Builders and Installers because the superior composite panel protective covering answer. With our large stock levels, unlimited color vary, and our continual development, we have a tendency to ar without delay offered to satisfy your necessities. As an organization whose necessity is your satisfaction, we provide our cut-to-size and special color services to create installation of your metal protective covering systems fast and simple for all parties concerned within the project. With the utilization of Vitrabond on several prestigious comes across the uk, Europe Australia and North America, it's chosen by architects and designers because the rainscreen façade of alternative.

Benefits of Valcan Cladding Systems:

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We offer an intensive and complete vary of ordinary colors and may provide custom colors for actual disapproval matches. Vitrabond protective covering systems will match colors to your company disapproval or to the act aptitude of the designer. Vitrabond can even be matched to timber finishes supplying you with a compliant, A2 rated wood look-a-like facade

Panels will be machined, rolled, rolled-up and stay simply attachable . this suggests you'll be able to simply replicate your disapproval and make powerful visual, simply placeable facades.

Vitrabond is like minded for each exterior and interior study applications, likewise as for industrial and specialty product styles. Applications embody exterior protective covering, signage, company ID, column covers, interior partitions, canopies, instrumentality enclosures and kiosks. The inventive prospects of Vitrabond really don't have any limits.

The skillfulness, combined with the provision of various panel xing and jointing ways for vertical and horizontal joints, angles and curves, end in a very smooth beautiful building with no reduction in surface integrity, CSS FACADES supplies Vitrabond.

Vitrabond cladding panel will be cold formed, sanctioning it to make numerous shapes and sizes. an oblong or formed groove will be routered on the rear of the panel, following potential fold lines. a skinny layer of core ought to stay at the bottom of the groove. The panel will then be hand rolled-up on this groove, making an explicit and even fold. The outer radius of the fold will be determined by the form and breadth of the routered groove.

There should be between zero.3mm and 0.5mm of core material left at the bottom of the routed groove. an excessive amount of material will cause delamination at the corner and end in a bigger radius fold than desired. it'll conjointly create folding the panel a lot of dif cult and prevent the desired fold angle from being obtained.

The punching of ¬at fashioned elements from Vitrabond is performed within the same means as a solid atomic number 13 cloth, victimization sharp tools and dies with stripped cutting clearance. variable shapes could simply be punched with traditional atomic number 13 punching machinery. As with cutting, a small come down could occur.

Bending is feasible with a folding table or brake press. the within bending radius is roughly ten times the Vitrabond panel thickness. Use protecting foils. There US a lot of spring-back impact than with solid atomic number 13 sheet. For serial production, tests should be created on sample panels.