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Trespa Cladding Panels, Trespa Supplier, Trespa Manufacturers in the UK! CSS Facades Ltd

(Trespa Cladding Panels)

Trespa is a high-pressure laminate that turns wood-based fibers and resins into a high impact resistance. The material is dimensionally stable with exceptionally high delaminating strength and is the world's largest manufacturer of phenol panels. The superior construction materials used in the system make it suitable for all facilities. Trespa Cladding Panels have unique characteristics, and due to this, they work like hardwood with a special screw holding strength. Using EBC technology, the panels have an integrated decorative surface. They are best for facade cladding, balcony panelling, and a wide range of other exteriors.

The different benefits of Trespa Cladding Panels are

These panels are manufactured under high pressure and temperature with special techniques. The resultant properties make the product suitable for many exterior applications.

Trespa panels
Trespa cladding


When combined with the lightweight attribute of the product, it is an ideal choice for sandwich panels, infill panels, and curtain walling. Trespa cladding panels have limitless design possibilities with a broad range of colours, rhythms, and depths to next-generation architectural claddings.