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Siniat Weather Defence™

Weather Defence™ could be a revolutionary external overlayer board, Janus-faced with water repellent material for superior weather protection. Strong, extremely wet resistant and A1 non flamable. Weather Defence™ could be a quicker thanks to a weather tight building compared to ancient overlayer board product. Complies with SB linear unit 15283 kind GM-H1, GM-I and GM-F.

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(Siniat Board Weather Defence)

Siniat Board Weather Defence is a revolutionary new external sheathing board. It is faced with water repellent material for superior weather protection. The board is A1 non- combustible, strong, and highly moisture resistant.


The product offers superior moisture, fire, and good resistance with gypsum core property of weather defence. For external insulation and finishing systems, siniat weather defence is a cost-effective solution. The board is dimensionally stable, mould- resistant, and left exposed for up to 12 months on site. You can use the board with steel infill panels to complete light steel framing and timber and concrete frame constructions.

Why does everyone prefer Weather Defence?

When it comes to making the building envelope weather tight, Siniat Board Weather Defence is a clear choice. It is the go-to solution for specifiers. It is easy to install and easy to lift and move around the site compared to cement particles. There is no need for specialist cutting equipment. The gypsum core of weather defence is fully recyclable. The snap properties eliminate dust and excess noise.

The fire-resistant external sheathing board transformed building envelope construction and performance. Weather defence uses a patented hydrophobic core and water- resistant liner. It replaces traditional weather barriers such as fiber cement, galvanized sheeting, and combustible sharking membranes. It is one of the most award-winning external rigid air barrier boards.

Weather Defence™ has been fixed by over forty fifth of AJ100 British Architects

Allies Morrison, BDP, Scott Brownrigg and Sheppard Robson were amongst the first adopters of Weather Defence™.

The design advantages it brings include:

Weather Defence™ has been put in by over seventy fifth of the development News’ prime twenty five main contractors

External protective cover choices have evolved. Weather Defence™ could be a absolutely non- combustible Euroclass A1 rated protective cover board and confirmed by BRE as an acceptable different to cement fiberboard in external systems,

Weather Defence™ is additionally a light-weight board which might simply produce corners or placing curves, giving a lot of choices for style particularization.

Weather Defence™ is intended to be put in on:

Acoustic performance

Our Thruwall® Systems are acoustically tested per ISO 10140-2 (Laboratory activity of sound insulation of building parts – half 2: activity of mobile sound insulation) and may give sound insulation up to fifty Rw sound unit (45 Rw + Ctr dB) betting on the system chosen.


Weather Defence™ has undergone intensive weathering tests in our purpose-made laboratory. Boards square measure tested to make sure that they keep their mechanical stability and resist mould growth even once exposed to the weather for extended periods throughout the development section. Weather Defence™ are often left exposed on website for up to twelve months.

Whilst it's extremely immune to water, the board is additionally receptive vapour, permitting the building to breathe and unharness doubtless damaging wetness unfree among the Thruwall®.

These qualities mean that, in several cases, there's no ought to install a breather membrane over the protective cover board; saving each time and price.

Thermal performance

Systems shown square measure supported bottom insulation to attain hearth and acoustic performances. extra insulation are often put in among the frame or external to the frame/board to enhance U-values, in most cases while not hurt to fireside or acoustic performance.

Fire performance

Our Thruwall® Systems are hearth tested per Bachelor of Science EN1364-1 (non-load bearing) in each directions and may give hearth resistance (EI) from sixty to a hundred and twenty minutes betting on the system chosen. Weather Defence™ not solely provides high levels of fireside resistance it's additionally rated at Euroclass A1 non-combustible, thus is appropriate for buildings with a height of quite eighteen metres.


Weather Defence™ weighs ten.8 kg/m2 that is half-hour lighter than a cement fiberboard of constant thickness, creating it easier to carry and move around website.


When cutting, cement particle boards need AN electrical saw with a pointy blade. In distinction, eather Defence™ simply needs a Stanley knife tool.

Dust hazards and cutting areas

Cutting cement particle boards is probably going to get massive quantities of terribly fine dirt, which needs effective emission ventilation – usually a cutting space a long way from the installation space. In distinction, the score and snap technique used for Weather Defence™ generates bottom dirt levels and doesn’t need a separate cutting space.

Noise disturbance for neighbours

As Weather Defence™ is thus quiet to chop and fix, it's evidenced terribly helpful for comes wherever neighbours square measure in shut proximity – like extension comes or in settled residential areas.

Weather Defence™ will dramatically scale back air leakage: