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Siniat Bluclad

Siniat Bluclad could be a high performance cement fibre board appropriate for external protective cover, direct render and alternative unsmooth finishes. The board has outstanding dimensional stability creating it ideal as a substrate for a range of skinny coat chemical compound renders. Bluclad is on the market during a customary 10mm thickness and contains a unsmooth surface for rendering.

Bluclad could be a high performance fibre cement board for external applications. It are often used as a render carrier board on timber or metal frames and for the upgrade of existing masonry walls. it's additionally used as a carrier board for brick slips, for ventilation façades on timber or metal frames.

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With Siniat Bluclad Board, there can be perfect external sheathing, which is essential for boards. Since they have an excellent and textured finish, there will be no extra decoration. It is available in 10mm thickness and is quite flexible and easy to install.

Know about the applications

The Siniat boards Bluclad can be applied for timber and metal frames. They are ideal for both ventilated façade systems as well as non-ventilated ones. Using these boards in your interior and exterior construction solutions has varied benefits. We are leading Siniat Bluclad board suppliers, and hence we know very well how you must install these boards and in which projects.

Features of Siniat Bluclad building boards

These boards are of the best quality and provide you with the exact solutions. Find the best contractor and install the panel according to your need and requirement.


Siniat Bluclad could be a superior fibre cement board for external applications. The board is factory-made exploitation Hatscheck technology, then autoclaved, sanded and corrected.


Siniat Bluclad is colored beige and exhibits on its surface shiny particles of translucent substance crystals visible on either side. The board is sleek on the front and rough written surface on the rear.


Siniat Bluclad is created of hydraulic cement, chosen mineral fillers as well as translucent substance (providing additional high dimensional stability and low hydrophytic movement), organic reinforcing fibres and purposeful additives. The boards have received hydrophobic treatment on all surfaces.


Handling and Fixing

Siniat Bluclad bboards area unit delivered on pallets. The boards shall be horizontally stacked on a flat surface lodge a dry and vented house. once keep outside, the boards shall forever be protected against rain by a tarp or plastic cowl. If the boards area unit exposed to liquid water throughout storage, take away the packaging and permit the boards to altogether dry out before use. we tend to advocate storing the boards in their final location 24h before beginning installation to permit the board to adapt. Boards shall forever be manipulated from the stack by 2 persons then be transported vertically.

Siniat Bluclad is fastened to timber frame exploitation the countersunk chrome steel screws and to metal frame countersunk bi-metal screws for metal thickness up to 2mm.

See Bluclad Technical Guide for additional data


When utilized in vented façade, Siniat Bluclad boards is butt articulated . once utilized in a non-ventilated façade, Siniat Bluclad boards shall be put in with a 3mm gap. there's no ought to treat the joints between Bluclad boards before putting in the render systems. to scale back water ingress throughout construction joints is also sealed with siloxane sealing material.

Siniat Bluclad is appropriate with acrylic primarily based renders solely. Contact Technical Services Department for the updated list of approved renders or the render manufacturer for compatibility.

The render system shall be applied following the render manufacturer’s directions. Not all render systems area unit appropriate for the finishing of Bluclad boards. The finishing system should be sufficiently versatile to accommodate thermal and hygric movements of the board.

Health and Safety

See Siniat Bluclad Health and Safety knowledge sheet for additional data.

Individual board weight values might exceed nominal weights printed during this datasheet because of water absorption.

Thee dusts generated once cutting or drilling Siniat Bluclad indoor shall be collected by AN extraction / ventilating system. If dirt assortment isn't economical, dirt masks of sort F-F-P-2 or higher according E-E-N-1-4-9:2-0-0-1 shall be worn by the operator.

Siniat BluClad could be a medium density fibre strengthened Ca salt board that has been developed while not inorganic fibre. on the market in a very commonplace 10mm thickness, it's off-white in color and features a sleek surface on the front face and rough on the reverse. the graceful face is for painting and therefore the rough for skinny coat compound renders. it's pre-treated with a siloxane water repellent on each faces. This reduces water uptake and enhances the compatibility with the coating system and will eliminate the requirement for additional priming.




This GTEC board by Bluclad vary from Siniat is style for partitions, linings and ceilings. it's appropriate wherever traditional fireplace, structural and acoustic levels area unit such. This cement fibre board is right for external overlayer, direct render and as a substrate for a spread of skinny coat compound renders.

CSS FACADES LTD currently offers each Siniat Bluclad and Siniat Weather Defence boards as a model overlayer board with mositure resistant properties.


Bluclad from Siniat could be a flat, vapour-permeable category zero building board with outstanding dimensional stability.

Bluclad is that the ideal board for weather-exposed areas and applications embrace external protective covering, infill panels, internal wall lining, sheathing, fascias and bargeboards and timbered effects.

Classified as a Ca salt board, Siniat Bluclad is used as substrate for a spread of skinny coat compound renders, rough finishes and alternative surface coatings. Bluclad boards also can be wont to offer a seamless end.

Bluclad is that the leading render base board on the market with third party certification from the BRE providing a failsafe choice to render installers. Complies with baccalaureate linear unit 1-5-2-8-3 sort G-M-H-1, G-M-I and G-M-F.