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RAINSCREEN pair block ® may be a stone wool insulation product specifically developed to be used at intervals aired protective cover systems, likewise as sealed systems like curtain walling. factory-made victimisation twin Density technology, the outer surface of every block options a clearly higher density than the undersurface.

Internal Wall Insulation Internal wall insulation will always reduces the heating bills and boosts a very beautiful indoor comfort. Discover the advantages and strengths of ROCKWOOL wall applications nowadays.

External Wall Insulation External walls ar key for combatting heat loss in buildings. Improve energy potency – and gain different advantages – with ROCKWOOL external wall insulation.

Floor Insulation ROCKWOOL floor insulation is formed from premium stone wool and may improve a building’s thermal and acoustic performance.

Acoustic Insulation Acoustic insulation protects building occupants from sound pollution and boosts comfort and privacy.

Roof Insulation We offer associate degree array of roof insulation merchandise for any kind of build, increasing energy potency. Discover the good thing about ROCKWOOL roof solutions nowadays.

Ceiling Insulation Effective of the ceiling insulation will always helps to retain the heat and absorb the sound between the separating floors. Discover the advantages of ROCKWOOL merchandise and solutions.

HVAC Insulation HVAC insulation reduces energy loss for heat systems, piping and ventilation ducts in massive constructions.

Passive fireplace Protection Fire protection solutions will facilitate secure inhabitant safety and lift buildings’ fireplace resilience. Discover the advantages of ROCKWOOL insulation nowadays.

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Rainscreen Duo Slab Rockwool- Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab Insulation! CSS Facades Ltd

(CSS Facades supplies Rainscreen Duo Slab Rockwool across the UK, Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab Insulation CSS Facades)

Rainscreen Duo Slab Rockwool is a BBA-approved insulation product that provides independently-tested acoustic benefits in addition to thermal comfort. For use in ventilated cladding systems and curtain walling Rainscreen Duo Slab stone wool insulation product is specially designed. This very beautiful product is manufactured using DUAL DENSITY technology, which the outer surface of each surface features a very distinctly and very higher density than the underside. For the purpose of the application of fixing, this provides a very beautiful and a very robust character.

After the installation of the higher density outer surface, this will always work in combination with the factory, applied a water to repelling agent and to improve rain ingress resistance during the construction process. To reduce airborne noise, Rainscreen Duo Slab Rockwoolis very helpful.


Characteristics of Rainscreen Duo Slab Rockwool

Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab Insulation

You can easily use the very beautiful Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab to serve the climate exposure conditions. The slab is very easily fitted around brackets and fibers of adjacent slabs which will always knit together to provide you with a continuous thermal performance that will always eliminates any heat loss. This solution is very cost- effective, requires minor fixing, and is quick to install.Rockwool Rainscreen Duo Slab Insulation works with a factory-applied water-repelling agent to improve resistance to rain ingress during construction. This is dimensionally stable and provides the same performance for many more years to comes after installation. If you have a height of 18m, then ROCKWOOL ventilated facades are suitable.

rockwool rainscreen duo
rockwool sound insulation

Rockwool Roof, Floor & Wall Insulation Rockwool is created from actual rocks and minerals. it's very talked-about for exploitation as insulation behind and around electrical boxes, wires and pipes. ordinarily employed in building construction, industrial and automotive applications. Rockwool is that the leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. giving you varied insulation choices starting from sound insulation to thermal insulation, pipe insulation to cavity barriers, Rockwool has created a colossal range of insulation materials that realize a large vary of application. producing their stone wool insulation by melting volcanic rock and scoria along, Rockwool, then spins it to make fibers. the ultimate material is then used for all the Rockwool insulation merchandise and provides you a number of the simplest results, be it for wall insulation or acoustic insulation. we provide rockwool thermal insulation, rockwool pipe insulation and rockwool acoustic insulation merchandise.

Rockwool insulation merchandise have numerous applications throughout the development trade, for instance their rockwool thermal insulation slabs is used for insulating buildings, so as to retain heat. On the opposite hand, their acoustic insulation merchandise is used to cut back noise, whereas Rockwool cavity barriers may return handy once you’re talking regarding providing any barrier for fires. obtainable in an exceedingly type of densities and rigid and semi- rigid states, there ar enough choices to require care of your building wants.

Also giving you merchandise for pipe insulation – there ar a number of merchandise beneath the Rockwool pipe insulation bracket that ar best for providing thermal insulation. for instance, if you are taking a glance at the insulated hearth sleeve from the corporate – not solely do they furnish you the correct quite insulation, they will additionally offer you with virtually up-to 2 hours of fireplace resistance. On the opposite hand, if you’re gazing the Rockwool wall insulation vary, you may realize that by operation of warmth loss through walls, you may be able to save a substantial quantity on your energy bills. Hence, you'll opt to opt for any Rockwool product and be assured that you simply have an excellent quality product on your hand.

Rockwool ar market leaders in insulation material and have developed a whole vary of insulator insulation merchandise that offer variety of advantages for floor, walls, ceilings and roofs and might be employed in domestic, business and industrial buildings. they need become famed for his or her hearth resistance and inexperienced credentials, however most significantly for his or her superior performance in providing thermal and acoustic materials that stop heat and sound loss.

The Rockwool insulation vary offers easy, price effective, and simple to suit acoustic and thermal merchandise ideal for residential thermal applications like extensions, loft conversions, and alter of use, and sound applications like home, offices, media and recreation rooms. Rockwool Thermal insulation offers wonderful thermal performance thanks to its strength and density. Rockwool provides an excellent match and can not sag or slump, therefore delivers future performance. Rockwool insulation absorbs sound and reduces sound vibrations thanks to its density, the non-directional fibre orientation and its open porous structure; housing and preventing sound waves from move through it.

Rockwool could be a leading manufacturer of insulator insulation. glorious for his or her sound insulation properties also as their exceptional thermal and hearth performance, their merchandise ar employed in multiple applications in each residential and business buildings. they provide a colossal vary of widespread merchandise like Rockwool Flexi block, Rockwool wall, and semi rigid acoustic insulation to call simply a couple of.

RW block vary

With RWA45, RW3 and RW5, rockwool’s block vary offers expert solutions that delivers wonderful thermal performance let alone fantastic acoustic and hearth insulation. regardless of the application is, roof, floor, wall or loft insulation, Rockwool’s block additionally referred to as stone wool is usually an excellent choice and comes extremely counseled among the development trade.


Rockwool wall insulation is specifically designed for masonry walls. it's semi-rigid and full-fill insulation that's appropriate for each new buildings and extensions. light-weight and simple to handle, the batts ar easy to put in and supply an in depth match against brick and blockwork, adapting to imperfections within the wall.

High-Performance Partial Fill Cavity Slab: offer economical thermal insulation for each frame and masonry constructions. it's a thermal physical phenomenon of zero.034 W/MK.

ENERGYSAVER: Rockwool product improves the potency of energy in your home. Stone wool insulation is a good answer that boasts high thermal performance. it's monetary unit category A1 non-combustible and at identical time offers outstanding sound absorption.

Full Fill Cavity Batts: This product is important for weather-tight protection. it's water resistant, contains a Euro-class A1 reaction to fireside, and therefore the thermal physical phenomenon is zero.037 W/MK.

Insulated DPC: This product has high resistance to fireside and works effectively to reduce thermal bridging at the window and door that space discovered in wall constructions.

TCB Cavity Barrier: one among the simplest merchandise for minimizing heat loss and air run between the separating wall and therefore the external wall. the merchandise isn't full of thermal modification, shrinkage, or movement within the building.

PCWB Cavity Barrier: This product is beneficial for minimizing air outpouring and warmth loss between the separating cavity walls. it's a hearth resistance of up to at least one hour.

Flat Roof Insulation Rockwool flat roof insulation is specifically designed to satisfy the wants of latest roofing systems. Rockwool flat insulation provides sturdy solutions, that don't solely change style however additionally lower the expenses. the simplest product during this class are:

HARDROCK Multi-Fix (DD): the merchandise is compatible with a good vary of roofing systems. it's wonderful hearth resistance and acoustic properties. The reaction to fireside is A1 baccalaureate linear unit 1350-1 with thermal conduction of zero.039W/MK. The water vapour resistance of this product is five.9 MNs/gm.

HARDROCK Multi-Fix Angle Fillet: an ideal insulation product for waterproofing the world between the vertical and horizontal interfaces of a flat roof. the merchandise provides a clean and sleek transition between these interfaces. it's additionally an honest waterproofing resolution.

HARDROCK Multi-Fix Recovery Board: it's troublesome to keep up the surface of the roof to safeguard the property – each in domestic and industrial settings. laborious Rock multi-fix boards square measure non-combustible and work well with flat roof membranes as well as hydrocarbon, Singly-ply, EPDM, and liquid-applied systems.

Acoustic Infills: this is often a tissue-faced product that reduces the build-up noise, absorbs incident sound, in addition as lowers the reverberation time. the merchandise is great once it involves making a peaceful and quieter acoustic atmosphere.

Acoustic Membrane: This product may be a versatile chemical compound mass layer used for ising sound insulation. the merchandise is good for “use” in hospitals, schools, airports, cinemas, and different industrial buildings.

Floor Insulation Rockwool insulation has the simplest product for all sorts of floors as well as ground floors, intermediate floors, and separating floors.

Acoustic ROCKFLOOR: This product provides a robust and wonderful impact sound protection. the merchandise is usually utilized in buildings with multiple-occupancy or high-rise buildings.

Thermal ROCKFLOOR: This product delivers high energy potency in addition as a comfortable indoor surroundings. The lower density of Thermal ROCKFLOOR absorbs several imperfections. the upper density layer of the merchandise features a robust load resistance.

FLEXI: With this product put in, you'll be able to avoid poor acoustics and cold spots. FLEXI are often utilized in any a part of the house. it's a perfect insulation product for any flooring system. FLEXI has versatile edges, that overcome the problems with timber shrinkage.

Cladding Insulation The vary of product during this class offers wonderful soundproofing performance and outstanding hearth protection.

RAINSCREEN couple SLAB: This product is appropriate once it involves protective your property from the surroundings. RAINSCREEN is A1 non-combustible. the merchandise is BRE tested and approved by BBA. once put in, it provides weatherproofing, thermal protection, and improved acoustic performance.

Cladding Roll: appropriate for each industrial and industrial buildings. it's a cheap product by Rockwool Insulation that gives stability and consistency within thermal performance in the roof, wall, and floor applications.

EWI block may be a stone wool insulation utilized in external insulation systems. the merchandise is rates Euro-class A1 non-combustible and also the insulation material won't burn.

Timber Frame Slab: Rockwool has designed this product taking under consideration acoustic performance, hearth & thermal resistance. It offers low thermal conduction, high resistance to fireside, and wonderful acoustic performance as its sound absorption properties square measure exceptional. it's simple to put in into timber frames.

Steel Frame Slab: the merchandise works exceptionally well in buildings with steel frame construction or structure. Rockwool insulation has built this product to supply best performance in terms of fireplace resistance, improved acoustics, and thermal conduction in external walls.

Roll product Rockwool Roll product square measure built to supply outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation. All product during this class square measure utilized in a good vary of building applications as well as flooring and roofing systems.

Twin roll: the simplest Rockwool insulation product for suspended ceilings. the merchandise is reated from nonconductor that may be put in all told kinds of buildings. Rockwool provides wonderful hearth resistance, acoustic and thermal performance.

Rollbatt: Rockwool Rollbatt may be a excellent resolution for reducing noise levels within the building in addition as increasing thermal resistance. The Rockwool product’s thermal conduction is zero.044 W/MK.

Roll: This Rockwool product is one in all the simplest loft insulation solutions for horizontal loft applications. it's AN comprehensive high-specification resolution for acoustic and thermal performance. It additionally provides wonderful hearth resistance.

OTHER product AND value There square measure several different product factory-made by Rockwool Insulation Company. the provision of various product provides AN comprehensive resolution to individuals living within the UK for insulating their properties.

Pitched Roof Insulation Rockwool Insulation offers a good vary of product that you simply will use between and over the rafters. The Pitched Roof Insulation product like ROCKFALL and OCKPRIME Blown Loft Insulation deliver tranquillity thanks to their exceptional hearth resistance and sound absorption properties.