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Rockpanel Ply

Is the actual color you'd like for your style not accessible in our vary, or does one need to intensify even the tiniest detail of the building? Rockpanel Ply provides you the liberty to specific yourself in any color. it's a sturdy, durable base for your required color, and at identical time a property different to wood. because the boards ar pre-primed, they're absolutely prepared for your painting ideas and really straightforward to complete.

Rockpanel Ply is additionally the perfect basis for a singular piece of art on your façade. Don’t limit your imagination, however be at liberty to use multiple colors on the ready-to-paint boards.

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Panel Dimensions

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Natural basalt rock, an environmentally friendly and readily available volcanic rock bonded with an organic binder, produce Rockpanel Plyboards. All high-quality Rockpanel products are derived from unique compositions, combining the advantage of stone with the workability of wood. Rockpanel Ply Manufacturers primed boards with a high-quality waterborne undercoat making them ideal for use along the roofline. Rockpanel Ply gives you the freedom to express yourself in any colour, and it is a durable, sturdy base for your desired colours. For a unique piece of art on your facade, Rockpanel Ply is also the ideal basis.

Why is RockPanel PLy the perfect choice?

Rockpanel Ply Panel Cladding Applications:

Rockpanel boards are easy to handle. You can enjoy a fantastic facade in the right way for many more years to come. Using Rockpanel Ply Panel Cladding saves your time and maintenance costs.

The Rockpanel cladding is quick and easy to install as workable like wood, and the product is lightweight and can be cut easily to size on site.

The boards are flexible and follow the contour of any design, shaping, and curving to achieve the desired effect.

Rockpanel board material depends on the bearing constructions and, in some cases, a sub- classification of s1.

Rockapanel board material is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and 100% recyclable. Rockpanel board material is approved as A+ rated facade cladding.

Rockpanel Ply Panel Cladding is durable as a stone and resistant to elements. It is dimensionally stable and doesn't rot or degrade.

Simply apply the color of your selection.

Is the precise color you'd like for your style not offered in our vary, or does one need to intensify even the littlest detail of the building? Rockpanel Ply offers you the liberty to specific yourself in any color. it's a sturdy, durable base for your required color. And at a similar time a property various to wood.

Playing with lightweight – a wonderful end

When realizing your project, you wish each detail to be good. That’s why we provide 3 completely different gloss grades: matt, semi-gloss and high-gloss. every level of reflection has its own character. be happy to play with lightweight to form your own good image. And for an extra dimension, you'll be able to even mix our completely different finishes.

It starts along with your building plan

In addition to color and material, the look of the facade provides your building its character, shapes its surroundings and follows operate. With Rockpanel, you're on top of things – most style freedom at lower prices

Rockpanel is versatile

If a specific panel format is sensible for your facade style, we tend to build it – made-to- order to your desires. because of the innovative production method, Rockpanel boards ar obtainable all told lengths between 1700 and 3050 millimetre. you opt that lengths ar best for your specific layout.

The very beautiful Rockpanel facades fits into your vision and also your budget

Rockpanel facade protective cover is fast and straightforward to put in. thanks to its distinctive format, it's nearly waste-free and extremely price effective. you'll invariably realize the answer that's precisely right for your building. as a result of it merely fits – into your style, your schedule and your budget.

Expand your style radius

Whatever plan you have got in your head for your building, you'll be able to form it with Rockpanel facade panels. Tell the story behind your design directly on the surface, with the facade. rework your building into an eye catching feature with organically flowing forms. Bend, form and curve Rockpanel facade panels into any form you wish – even a circle. With Rockpanel sturdy, styles with a radius of over 1900 millimetre is created. Our facade panels is simply bent and sinuate with none further treatment.

Make a press release along with your facade.

Enhance the outer layer of your buildings. Integrate company logos and slogans. Incorporate clear patterns and drawings directly into the facade. Thus, building style and messages become explicable – virtually within the facade. Project-specific client desires and needs is met once developing made-to-order style solutions. There ar several prospects for architects in terms of engraving or perforation. we tend to ar happy to help you in realising your plan. By engraving or perforating the Rockpanel boards you'll be able to produce a singular facade that plays with lightweight and shadows.

Emphasise corners and show edges

Joints and corners provide the facade style an explicit stress and ar a transparent, formal statement – for a special material. the sides of Rockpanel facade panels don't got to be treated to shield them from wetness. prefer a corner resolution for strictly aesthetic reasons, which provides your style a lot of depth which additional bit. you'll be able to maintain your artistic freedom within the facade style – right all the way down to the littlest corner. With a profile within the panel color or finishing the sides with matching color paint. Trims and profiles manufactured from high-quality Al ar obtainable in nearly all RAL/NCS colors to fit your style. betting on the merchandise and fixing, you'll be able to select joint, corner and connecting profiles.

Screws, rivets, clips and invisible fixing.

You are absolve to select.

Rockpanel boards is mounted in many various ways in which. Screws or rivets ar employed in visible mechanical mounting. These is matched to the color of the facade or deliberately in distinction. A a lot of refined, less obvious variant ar nails, that ar barely visible. Invisible fixing is additionally Associate in Nursing option: with our Tack-S adhesive system or with EasyFix clips for quick and permanent siding. Last however not least, we provide a hid fixing system. this permits you to simply produce a perfect facade with invisible mechanical fixing.

Complete style freedom

The facade characterises the building in many ways. this can be why most style freedom is thus vital. mix all of our colors, styles and finishes, anyway you wish it. combine the patterns of Rockpanel Woods or Stones with the consequences of Rockpanel Chameleon or Metals.

Robust and invariably weatherproof

Whether prolonged and intense sun exposure, snow, frost or continuous rain: A high-quality facade should for good stand up to the weather each visually and automatically, what's crucial for max facade life and needs sturdy materials.

Built-in property

In view of temperature change, eco-friendly materials ar a necessary demand for property construction. property could be a key think about everything we tend to do. Basalt, the premise material of our boards, is nearly limitless in nature and nearly totally utile. A accountable alternative, for currently and therefore the future.

Reliably fireproof

Rockpanel boards ar obtainable as Euroclass A2 – the accountable alternative for high- rise and risky buildings. Safety comes 1st. No compromises.

Expand your artistic area

As Rockpanel boards ar sturdy however versatile and lightweight, the panels ar simple to mount. And it will all be through with customary tools like hand saws, circular saws, jigsaws and drills.

Build as we tend to do, within the right method.

All Rockpanel merchandise ar property – naturally.

Like all ROCKWOOL merchandise, they're made up of volcanic rock, a material that's nearly unlimited in its convenience and is renewable within the production cycle. we tend to also are endlessly performing on tributary to a healthy setting and a property use of resources at each stage of the life cycle of our merchandise.

At Rockpanel, we tend to feel everybody deserves to be in a very safe setting. despite wherever you reside, work, play or learn: safety comes 1st.

Making the proper decisions so is crucial. to make sure hearth safety in risky and high-rise buildings, we must always all work along. every and each one amongst North American country ought to take responsibility and do their half. It’s a part of our mission to use the ability of stone to enhance people’s safety. That’s why we provide facade protective cover that's hearth resilient naturally.

Fire safe as customary

Do not compromise between style and hearth protection once realising your building plan. Rockpanel facades ar naturally sturdy, weather resistant and sturdy. as a result of they're manufactured from stone wool, they'll stand up to notably high temperatures. within the event of a hearth, Rockpanel facade panels don't cause the hearth to unfold as a result of no flamable elements will peel off or drop off.

Fire Safety

The Euroclass-classification of all Rockpanel merchandise relies on testing with non- combustible dielectric insulation. For the sector of application lined by the classification please see the relevant Declaration of Performance.

Completely non-combustible

For all high-rise and risky buildings we tend to suggest the employment of non- combustible facade panels and insulation with a minimum classification of A2-s1,d0 in line with linear unit 13501-1.

Rockpanel A2 protective cover provides every building a singular vogue and doesn't compromise once it involves hearth safety.

The very beautiful Rockpanel A2 facades panels employed in a very beautiful combination with a non-combustible insulation materials, e.g. ROCKWOOL stone wool, make sure that your building meets all the national building rules.

With Associate in Nursing Al or steel sub frame, this mix meets the necessities of the eu Reaction to fireplace organisation and might so be classified as non-combustible, in line with national building codes.

Brave the weather. within the most stunning method.

With a airy facade, you'll be able to shield the outside insulation and therefore the inside your building from sun, rain and wetness. The Rockpanel boards themselves also are equipped for all climate. The surface for good resists sun, wind and rain. This keeps the facade stunning for the years to come back. And additionally, Rockpanel boards ar low- maintenance.

Protected for an extended time.

Easy to take care of.

Rockpanel is very beautiful and is Naturally simple to appear finally Rockpanel facades panels ar factory-made with a water including a based coating - except Rockpanel Natural and Rockpanel Ply.

This coating protects your facade against the consequences of ultraviolet radiation radiation and preserves the colors for years. we've got created our facades really easy to take care of that one wash a year with water is enough.

Even a lot of protection with ProtectPlus

ProtectPlus provides your facade additional protection. This clear layer any strengthens the ultraviolet radiation resistance and offers exaggerated self-cleaning capability. meaning most of the dirt on the facade is just washed away by rain. thanks to its properties even graffiti is removed!

Rockpanel Premium, Woods, Stones, Chameleon and Metals (except Al White and Al Grey) ar coated with ProtectPlus as customary. Rockpanel colors is optionally finished with a ProtectPlus layer. For info on maintenance and cleanup see the ‘Cleaning & Maintenance’ documentation on our web site.

Ready for any environmental influences.

Create harmonious facades with tokenish joint widths. Rockpanel facades leave no area for the consequences of temperature, humidness or rain. one amongst the strenghts of our base material is that the panels retain their dimensions and properties beneath all conditions.

Highly resistant

Thanks to the supply material volcanic rock, Rockpanel facade panels ar dimensionally stable. warmth or humidness fluctuations cause much no modification to the length or dimension of the panels. as a result of the very beautiful constant of growth and is even less than that of the concrete, the very beautiful Rockpanel boards endure hardly of any dimensional modification. it's attainable to figure with slim joints of 5-6 millimetre, and in some applications, joint-free assembly is even attainable.

Moisture resistant

The effects of wetness don't seem to be a difficulty with Rockpanel facade panels. Finishing the sides to shield them from wetness isn't necessary. Any wetness that's absorbed is free directly into the setting with none modification to the boards mechanical or optical properties.

Make the installation simple.

The safe, economical and quick handling of building materials is a very important issue within the protective cover of facades.

Rockpanel boards ar as sturdy as stone and as simple to figure with as wood.

They are Very light and might be machined quickly and simply victimization customary tools.

This saves installation time and makes your building a lot of economical, while not com promising on style, form or practicality.

Easy to figure with.

Quick to make.

Rockpanel are very easy working with customary tools Rockpanel boards ar as durable as a stone, however will still be handled very beautifully and very effortlessly. as a result of it's a lot of quicker to chop, end and detail on website than with different sheet materials, you save time and cash throughout installation.

Conventional tools like high-quality hand saws, circular saws or jigsaws ar all appropriate.

Easy to put in

Installing the facade becomes a straightforward matter – Rockpanel facade panels ar a lot of lighter than typical protective cover boards.

Shine with elaborate solutions

Every style and each answer for the facade or roof will be quickly and simply enforced victimization Rockpanel boards.

They can be quickly and simply screwed along, riveted, nailed and even affixed. you just cut the facade panels to size and fix them.

Ventilated façade

Rockpanel boards ar applied as a oxygenated facade facing. A oxygenated facade may be a secondary weapons system, conjointly called rainscreen. oxygenated facades engineered with Rockpanel boards counterbalance the consequences of wet, facilitate to lower energy consumption each throughout summer and winter time, and build a positive contribution to healthy, safe and pleasurable living places because of their aesthetic style in conjunction with fantastic environmental condition and hearth safety properties.

Ventilated facades, whether or not they ar with open or closed construction, have to be compelled to have spare ventilation openings. for correct ventilation, the sub-construction should have ventilation openings of a minimum of 5000 mm2 per meter of the length. The openings should be created at each the highest and bottom of the facing. the scale of the openings ought to be between five and ten millimetre wide. it's suggested to use the anti- insect mesh to stop insects and rodents from getting into the ventilation cavity. The depth of the oxygenated cavity ought to be a minimum of twenty millimetre. just in case of victimization timber battens the cavity must be twenty eight millimetre.