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Promat Supalux

SUPALUX® is a very beautiful A1 and Non Combustible (EN 1-3-5-0-1-1) which is a calcium silicate board reinforced with the selected of fibres and fillers. It is formulated without any inorganic fibres and does not contain any formaldehyde.

SUPALUX® board is off white in a colour and has a very smooth finish on one face with the sanded reverse face. SUPALUX® can easily be left undecorated and it is very easily finished with paints or a wallpapers or even a tiles.

SUPALUX® is a very beautiful board is very resistant to any of the effects from anything such as the moisture because it will not be physically deteriorate when is being used in a very damp or in a very humid conditions. SUPALUX® performance and characteristics are not degraded by the age or any moisture.

SUPALUX® is also produced as a very beautiful bevelled edge panels for any suspended ceilings using a very concealed grid system.

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What area unit the varied Characteristics Of promat supalux fireplace protection board?

(CSS Facades provides promat supalux fireplace protection board)

SUPALUX is Associate in Nursing A1 Non flamable metallic element salt board bolstered with designated fibres and fillers. It doesn't contain any aldehyde and is developed while not inorganic fibres. Promat supalux fireplace protection board is off-white and may be left plain or simply finished with paints, wallpapers, and tiles. With age and wet performance characteristics aren't degraded. it's additionally utilized in several incombustible and all-purpose building applications and utilized in constructions providing up to half-hour of fireside protection.

The various characteristics are:

The supalux sanded fireplace protection building board from Promat could be a sturdy and light- weight building board. No different board will deliver peace of mind sort of a fireplace protection building board. the fireplace protection boards utilize numerous additives and have high-density cores to reinforce their fireproofing qualities. Protection is critical for internal partitions, shaft walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, and external walls.

CSS Facades have supalux boards available and area unit appropriate to be used in any project wherever further fireproofing measures would possibly ought to be taken. once it involves industrial applications then prompt supalux fireplace protection board could be a nice alternative.

The various applications are:

Promat SUPALUX could be a metallic element salt board bolstered with designated fibres and fillers. it's developed while not inorganic fibres, doesn't contain aldehyde and may offer up to 240 minutes hearth resistance. The board is non-combustible straightforward to figure and fix, simple to embellish, immune to the results of wetness and can not rot or decay. Promat SUPALUX is off-white in color and includes a swish surface on one face with a gently rough-textured sanded reverse face.


For use in several hearth resisting and general purpose building applications. 12mm Promat Supalux could be a high performance board which might be employed in constructions providing up to hr hearth protection and 2 layers of 9mm Supalux board would offer ninety minutes of fireplace protection, once used with insulator insulation.


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Eye contact with mud might result in transient eye irritation or inflammation.

Not expected to gift a big uptake hazard underneath anticipated conditions of traditional use.

Dust, generated throughout machining and process should be exhausted and therefore the regulative activity exposure limits (workplace exposure limits in UK) for total and respirable mud and respirable quartz mud should be revered.

Use continually metabolism protecting instrumentality once exposures area unit possible or will be predicted to exceed the activity Exposure Limits or geographical point Exposure Limits within the United Kingdom (refer to native regulations). Collect mud with a home appliance or soak with water before sweeping up. add a well oxygenated space. Use tools with acceptable mud exhaust instrumentality.

Do not eat, drink or smoke once exploitation this product. perpetually wash hands when handling the merchandise.

Ensure vacuum mud exhaust with correct filter once exploitation motorized machining tools. once machining boards (drilling, cutting, sanding, etc.), respect activity Exposure Limits (OEL) or work Exposure Limits (WEL within the UK) for inhalable and respirable mud and for respirable quartz mud. Check the newest activity Exposure Limits (OEL) or work Exposure Limits (WEL within the UK) for mobile contaminants that area unit applicable in your country.

Avoid contact with eyes. Use safety glasses whenever tools area unit used and dusts area unit created.

Avoid contact with skin. Use operating garments and gloves to shield against mechanical injury and direct skin contact.

Avoid respiratory dusts. Use applicable metabolic process instrumentation once exposures area unit probably or is foretold to exceed the activity Exposure Limits or work Exposure Limits for the united kingdom (e.g. for exposures up to ten times the OEL (WEL) use a minimum of a P2 sort mud mask. For higher exposure, use a P3 sort mask).

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