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Kemwell Fire: WeatherKem cement board

Kemwell FireKem
Kemwell MultiKem

Kemwell fire boards are popular as they are non-combustible and considered as a barrier in critical areas. You need to contact Kemwell products supplier like CSS Facades and let us know your basic requirements in various ceilings, roofs, facades, barriers, etc.

Materials used to create these boards.

There is fiber cement used in making these boards, and then the outer part uses perforated galvanized steel. These things bond together to create this special board readily applicable in many projects.

Applications in which Kemwell boards

These are protection boards and apply to many sectors, including energy, power buildings, and industrial. To make hoardings with fire-resistant properties, prefer panels. Apply to ceilings as well as plenum ceilings. The other applications of the Kemwell fire board include fire-resistant barriers and doors.

kemwell fire board
kemwell board

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