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Fundermax Max Exterior Hexa (NH)

Fundermax scoop Exterior Hexa (NH) Specifically for compact panels. With a deep adorned structure, this surface ensures safety – in each visual and completely sensible terms. the feel incorporates a significantly smart grip and consequently offers a non-slip base for any doubtless wet areas – like balcony floors, terraces, footbridges or steps. At an equivalent time, it conjointly provides optimum protection, significantly against weathering, for any interior decoration versions that inventive users may need – so their visual strengths may be appreciated fully underneath all conditions.

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Fundermax Max Exterior Hexa Panels are the best choice for compact panels. A deep studded structure ensures safety in both visual and entirely practical terms. The panels have good grip and offer a non-slip base for potentially wet areas such as balcony floors, terraces, footbridges. It provides optimum protection against weathering for any decor versions that creative users desire. In all conditions, appreciate visual strengths and provide optimum protection against weathering. Under tremendous pressure and at high temperatures, FunderMax exterior panels are high-pressure laminates. For Hexa surface, all solid colours, creative decors, and wood decors from Funderma Max external collection are available.

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You can choose your decor for your rain-screen cladding to express your creativity. For consistent protection and uncompromising strength, prefer FunderMax exterior wall cladding. It is resistant in all face of all external influences.

If you'll suppose it, we are able to print it. create your imagination into individual, giant sized decoration ideas. With varied formats and motifs spanning over multiple formats, your fantasy becomes reality. offer your buildings character with really distinctive styles. As alittle sacred supply, we tend to gift to you a couple of application examples on next page. FunderMax Individualdecor has created all of them doable.

With individual styles from FunderMax, you've got the liberty to supply facades, balconies and outdoor-applications with artistic and utterly distinctive styles. Your style is written on single panels, or as within the image below, across many panels. Ideal for giant styles and special visual effects.

With its distinctive gloss and matt sides, Sky disclose a world of potentialities. Appealing to the attention, and spectacular to the touch, it's filled with depth and character. Unleashing new potential, particularly once re-creating stone or concrete finishes.

The power of nature forms these extremely individual looks: its alone structure provides Authentic Natura associate degree exceptionally natural look. Combined with the spirited decoration structure, this look makes each single panel a singular item.

Metallic in addition provides your decors a unaltered gleam. this is often created doable by combining a clear overlay with gilded flakes and a plaincoloured decoration. If you’re inquisitive about different gilded combos, please get connected with US.

The eternal tension between lightweight and shade – a daily presence, a nonstop novelty. This abundant magnificence is combinational with each different of our decors. offer your buildings most charm through distinction.

Fascinating optical intensity. With associate degree all-new method, scoop Exterior panels will currently be made with even a lot of vivacious colors. offer your buildings unimaginable brilliance.

The last glimmering streak of a sunset. shrub flowers finely glowing within the backlight. offer your buildings freshening color shade

The lush gloss of totally ripe cherries. The soft play of colors in associate degree opened rose blossom. offer your buildings deeply felt passion.

The mysterious depth of the night sky over the town. saltwater shining in a very thousand totally different color sides. offer your buildings fantastical inspiration.

A ocean of nonflowering plant leaves within the forest’s twilight. The iridescent eyes of a feline. offer your buildings a glance of luxury.

Clay castles before of a steel-blue savannah sky. The finely stippled house of a farm snail. offer your buildings a pristine, natural look.

Stones smoothened by the waters of the surf. delicate interaction of ivory and cream shades. offer your building exceptionally noble appearance.

Distinctive initially look – and at any more one. the planning of precious woods from everywhere the planet. offer your buildings spectacular vogue.

Clear lines and dynamic structures between heat solid wood and concrete coolness. offer your buildings powerful simplicity.

Purposely uneven structures and high-contrast lighting makes for visually beautiful dynamics. offer your buildings impulses overflowing with life.

Detailed patterns, delicate lines, earthy expressions. A world of heat colors, reduced to its substance. offer your buildings personal appeal.

Internally enraptured, caught in a very constant flow. a desirable play of color, structure and material. offer your buildings effects that reveal one thing antecedently unseen anytime you look.

Strong color accents and calm structures in excellent harmony. offer your buildings unaltered style.

Witnesses of nature’s durable power leading to each robust and tender structures. offer your buildings fascinating plastic intensity

Impressive, cold, larger than life: the scenery of a megacity transferred into riveting appearance. offer your buildings the expression of recent metropolises.

The curtain rises. Awaiting behind it square measure shimmering colors, communicatory textures and many doable combos. faucet into this supply of inspiration associate degreed lend your buildings an clear character.

Our finishes square measure all weatherproof, optimally lightfast, extremely sturdy, and combinational with virtually each FunderMax deco

The silk-matte look with a feel of fine hammer brocaded end.

The shiny high-toned bit that enhances any decoration.

Our surface with the specially written polygonal shape pattern – slip-free and ideal for that special stress.