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Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard

Fermacell cement fibre gypsum board is a very simple one board that does it all, with a very high performance which make it an alternative for the plasterboard, blockwork and wet screed. Fermacell is a very unique building board which combines a superior fire resistance with a very beautiful acoustic performance and with the impact strength.

Fermacell fibre cement gypsum board is very suitable for multi purpose, and is available in a different range of size and thicknesses which is suitable for the floor to ceiling applications. Fermacell boards are primarily used as a very beautiful internal dry lining solution or for an overlay flooring system.

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What Is The Importance Of fermacell gypsum fibreboard?

(CSS Facades supplies fermacell gypsum fibreboard)

The homogenous building board made from recycled gypsum, recycled cellulose fibres from post-consumer waste paper, and recycled water is known as fermacell gypsum fibreboard. The fermacell boards outperform traditional drylining and offer a single solution combining high levels of impact resistance, moisture resistance, and fire protection from a single layer construction. Fermacell gypsum fibreboard is an ideal choice for internal use as a moisture-resistant board or externally as a backer board. For use as a backer board invented and insulated rain screen applications gypsum fireboard has been approved. Discoloration may occur due to moisture absorption in the board surface while applying gypsum as a backer board.

Why fermacell gypsum fibreboard is important?

For prolonged exposure before the installation of the cladding system, a surface treatment is recommended. It is a popular choice for a tile backer board and offers high resistance to moisture and mould. Minimal additional work is required for the building board. For a smooth finish wallpaper and tiles can be applied. To accompany any building board fermacell offers a range of accessories such as screws, jointstik, joint filler, and fine surface treatment.

A complimentary range of framing solutions is offered by fermacell. The main applications of fermacell gypsum fibreboard include ceilings, partitions, wall acoustic linings, and flooring. The material has excellent screw-holding capabilities to fix it using screws located approximately 10 mm from the edges and 50 mm from the corners.

fermacell® fibre mineral may be a multi-purpose building board that provides an area saving dry lining resolution, on the market during a vary of sizes and thicknesses, with each sq. and tapered edges.

From wall to floor style, one board will it all, minimising wet trades on web site, increasing style flexibility and dashing up the program times while olympian Building laws.

The ultimate style flexibility

Dry construction provides a good different to blockwork, and has revolutionised interior finishing. Modern, superior partition systems like ours supply virtually unlimited potentialities for the inventive style of interiors with variable floor plans throughout construction & subsequently.

Our partitions is placed anyplace within the space and ar straightforward to reconfigure as needed. because of the comparatively low weight of drywall construction, no major structural measures got to be taken to boost static strength.

Performs higher than gypsum board

fermacell® fibre mineral boards supply a wealth of benefits compared to traditional interior dry lining like gypsum board.

Our boards supply the optimum acoustic, hearth and impact performance. mistreatment fermacell® dry lining reduces the necessity for pattressing, with a high hanging strength that ensures space layouts ar future treated. Our slimline wall boards conjointly save vital wall area to maximise space yields.

One board will it all!

While standard boards like gypsum board need totally different product variants for various applications, fermacell® fibre mineral boards ar equally appropriate for wall and ceiling constructions and may be used universally as a customary board, hearth protection, sound insulation and moisture-proof board.

Strong & firm

Our performance boards ar ideal to be used in each steel and timber frame construction. The innovative formulation of fermacell® fibre mineral boards ensures significantly high density and stability, with a high bearing capability (up to fifty kilogram per fixing, 150kg per linear metre) Strength wise, our dry lining systems surpass gypsum board and blockwork.

Quick & straightforward to put in

As fermacell® fibre mineral boards already meet or exceed most Building laws necessities within the areas of sound insulation, hearth resistance and statics with reduced partition thicknesses, this implies less material used on web site (often one layer rather than 2 layers of plasterboard) and quicker installation times.

Our boards even have the additional advantage of having the ability to be put in before the building is water tight, to change ease and speed of fitting.

Using fibre mineral dry lining ensures important time and price savings, while not having to create concessions in terms of quality or bearing capability.

And that’s not all! Our Fine Surface Treatment (FST) may also be accustomed end the boards; a light- weight skim or face fill with FST and your walls ar able to settle for any covering - wallpaper, paint or tile - when simply forty five minutes.

An environmentally friendly resolution

fermacell® fibre mineral boards ar a vital element for environmentally acutely aware and healthy construction. Our partitions have a high proportion of recycled materials and ar created mistreatment natural materials (recycled paper, mineral and water) while not further glues.

Our boards ar just about emission-free and don't contain any unsafe substances like methanal.

The property credentials of fermacell® fibre mineral boards are confirmed by the Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim with the IBR seal of approval, and conjointly by the far-famed Cologne eco Institute United Nations agency have awarded North American country the "Low Emission Product" certificate.

Fermacell may be a high performance multi-purpose dry-lining board for walls, ceilings and floors. Fermacell insulation board has a very exceptional hearth, impact and wet resistant properties with a very high levels of acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and a very good weight carrying capability.

Fermacell may be a fibre strengthened plasterboard, factory-made from 100% recycled mineral and polyose fibre materials, and may be used as a superior different to gypsum board, wherever this higher performance is needed.

Fermacell mineral wallboard is good in "high traffic" areas like colleges and Sports Halls.

Fermacell wallboard is additionally ideal in Kitchens and bogs, wherever it will face up to high wetness levels of up to eightieth Rh. It may also be used as a tile backing board.

Fermacell board is employed in Timber-Frame housing - ideal with its hearth Rating and high wrenching strength.

When it's put in as a partition wall, Fermacell dry-lining board combines the bearing performance properties of solid blockwork with the speed and adaptability of standard drywall construction. for instance the board alone will hindrance to 30Kg with one screw fixing, and up to 50Kg with a wallplug. See Fermacell Dry-Lining Board

Fermacell is used for walls, ceilings or floors wherever soundproofing is needed. A stud wall with Fermacell mineral wallboard provides higher acoustic reduction than AN 11" block wall, and love 2/3 thicknesses of gypsum board. Fermacell board is that the ideal thanks to meet half E soundproofing laws for flooring; it is used with underfloor heating and may be up to half-hour a lot of economical than timber and hardboard flooring - see Fermacell Flooring

Fermacell mineral wallboard is obtainable in 10mm, 12mm, 15mm & 18mm as 2400x1200mm wallboards;

One-Man-Board is obtainable as 1200mm x 1200mm xm12mm & 1200mm x 800mm x 12mm with Tapered edges;

All thicknesses of Fermacell board ar categorized as category O (best). Single layers of Fermacell wallboard will produce F60 partitions.

As always, consult with your creator or Building Inspector for specific usage specifications and directions.

10mm Fermacell board is obtainable from stock at Blackburn; 12mm and 15mm Fermacell board is obtainable to order.

The Fermacell mineral normal wallboard 2400 x 1200 x 18mm (L x W x T) may be a consistent, gypsum-based dry construction board with a paper fibre matrix. The wallboard will reach high-borne sound insulation and impact sound reduction values whereas making certain smart ventilation. the merchandise comes with a density of 1150 kg/m³ and includes a vapour diffusion resistance co-efficiency of thirteen.

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