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(Equitone Facade Panels)

Equitone is a coloured facade material and each Equitone Facade Panel is unique, showing the raw, untreated texture of the fiber cement base material. Fibre cement is consists of cement, cellulose, and mineral materials which are reinforced by a visible matrix. The panel is made up of coloured baseboard with a semi-transparent coloured finish.

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Equitone Panel Sizes and Edges

The panels are available in untrimmed and trimmed formats and can be transformed in any shape and size.

Untrimmed panels

These panels have raw edges as they come off the production line. With the equipment available the distributors cut and trim the panel themselves for any project.


If you don't have the necessary cutting facility then the company provides a cutting service. To ensure correct squareness trim approximately 15mm from the untrimmed panel.

Equitone is a through-coloured facade material which means that the surface displays the inner texture and colour of the core material. To show the raw, untreated texture of the fiber cement base material unique panel has been produced. The composite material can be transformed into any size or shape on-site. The equine material is solid and offers flexible fixing methods such as riveting and screwing onto the metal. The material of Equitone Facade Panels offers unparalleled design flexibility. You can explore any design options and coloured material which can be transformed into crisp, monolithic facade details. You can easily achieve flawless intricate details through equitone coloured material. Every equitone panel is very unique which showing the raw and untreated texture of the cement fiber base material. Equitone cement fiber materials can always be used for the following applications:

We stock all of the Equitone Cladding range including: