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Cembrit Plank Original

Looks just like wood but without the rot and fire risk

Cembrit Plank is the perfect ideal alternative to any timber weatherboarding, but does not require any preservative treatment and also is not susceptible to fire. Very smooth or textured options which will always give you all the choice of a surface finish all together with a colour to make your new projects almost as unique as you have always dream off. It can also be very installed just like any other timber weatherboard products.

Cembrit Plank also comes in 14 different standard colour and also 5 different made to order factory painted surfaces, as well as a ready-primed option for on-site finishing. Cembrit Plank which also provide those typical long service life of fibre cement which will always give maximum resistance to exterior exposure which is backed by a Cembrit 15-year standard warranty – the highest warranty in the market. The plank can also be very easily installed vertically, horizontally or in any other patterns just to enhance your very own design.

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Cembrit Plank Connect

Cembrit Plank Connect is a very beautifully and is the obvious choice for any modern cladding facade solution. It is a very high-quality with a very low-maintenance solution, and which is built with great attention to detail.

Cembrit Plank Connect installation system is a very smooth one-click installation method without any visible of the fixing materials like screws.

This is a very strong and very durable fibre cement cladding which will always outperforms any wooden alternatives. The straight contemporary profile and weather-resistant coating all around are in a very beautifully class of their own.

Every Cembrit Plank Connect is built to exceed expectations in every single way:

Cembrit Plank Connect is a very truly nature’s design, connected with all the modern benefits.