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Cembrit Patina

Cembrit coating Original has fine, sanding lines on the surface. Here’s a façade board that will be commonplace, however it's rather more than standard.

Cembrit coating Original comes in dateless colors – it evolves and changes the expression of your building. These façade boards can patinise superbly over time, adding associate aesthetic look to the building style with some distinctive and refined variations on the surface.

Cembrit coating Original connects performance with a contemporary, versatile look. At a time, once most are finding out credibleness and natural look, Cembrit coating Original is that the excellent selection for your building.

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Cembrit Patina Original

Anything but very ordinary

Cembrit Patina Original has the fine and sanding lines on the surface. Here is a facades board that may be standard and yet it is a much more than just ordinary.

Cembrit Patina Original comes with a timeless colours and it evolves plus changes the expression of your building design. These facades panel will patinate a very beautifully over time and adding an aesthetic look to any of your building design with some unique and very subtle variations on the surface.

Cembrit Patina Original connects performance with the modern and versatile look. At time when everyone are in searching for an very beautiful authenticity with a natural look, Cembrit Patina Original will always be one of the very perfect choice for your building design.

Cembrit Patina Original Special product characteristics:

Through coloured cladding with a naturally attractive matt finish, Cembrit Patina which is previously known as Cembonit and is a range of strong, autoclaved cladding panels characterised by their subtle finish.

Through - colored protective covering with enticing matt end.

Through-coloured protective covering with a naturally enticing matt end, Cembrit coat (previously called Cembonit) could be a vary of sturdy, autoclaved protective covering panels defined by their delicate end. coat boards square measure through colored in 9 enticing, muted natural colors. throughout the assembly method, coat receives a novel impregnation treatment that provides protection throughout every panel. Being therefore fertile, coat protective covering panels square measure effectively protected against water staining and dirt, making certain that the facade retains its enticing look in each dry and wet climate.

The protective covering panels exhibit a matt, optically level surface with a faint directional grain. indiscriminately distributed spherules of cement in Patina’s surface, and variations of shade from panel to panel, can assist in making a natural wanting façade.

Cembrit coat panels square measure supplemented by a whole vary of accessories to confirm an easy, simple installation method.


Cembrit is one in every of the leading European makers of multi-capability fibre cement building merchandise. Our merchandise and solutions add exciting new style opportunities for moulding enticing, sturdy settings for people’s lives. however Cembrit is quite mere merchandise. we have a tendency to additionally facilitate create every kind of style and construction comes easier additionally as additional profitable, inspiring and effective. And for us, all construction additionally involves building relations with individuals, creating your day higher, and serving to you create the day higher for others.

Product data

Cembrit fibre cement may be a fashionable artefact made of natural and environmentally friendly raw materials. The technology has been developed by Cembrit, having quite ninety years of expertise at intervals the manufacture of fibre cement. Our wide expertise ensures a property product that has accumulated all the benefits of fibre cement.

The facade vary are often employed in all self-ventilated lightweight weight facade constructions. that includes properties like non-combustibility, sound and weather insulation additionally as high impact strength, Cembrit fibre cement boards ar the perfect facade material

The self-ventilating façade

A self-ventilating facade may be a construction that helps minimise temperature variations within the wall throughout the year. daylight and warmth ar mirrored away within the time of year, and insulation behind the facade boards reduces heat loss in lower temperatures. At an equivalent time, the natural ventilation passing through the development minimises condensation.

The very beautiful self-ventilating facades has the extra options and a very beautiful advantages.

The most necessary profit is that the protection of the underlying construction against weather, wind and wet. Some wet passes through the facade, however it's restricted to level which will either be drained away or eliminated by natural ventilation.

The evacuation feature of the system works once rain or wet penetrates through the gaps within the facade. The wet runs down either the reverse of the facade boards, the windstopper, or the insulation. There ought to be ventilation openings at the bottom of the structure and on top of doors and windows. These openings will facilitate drain the water faraway from the development.

The natural ventilation works by suggests that of a chimney result. The air enters at all-time low of the structure and on its far through the facade takes moisture-laden air through the ventilation openings at the highest of the structure or at window or door openings.

The boards are often put in with open horizontal joints or with joint profiles. Horizontal joints between boards contribute minimally to natural ventilation and thus profiles are often employed in these joints, if needed.

Cembrit facade boards is mounted on many alternative sorts of support systems. This manual deals with the installation of Cembrit facade boards on 2 sorts of steel systems. System one could be a system used on light-weight wall constructions with perforated VFL steel profiles will|which may|which might} be mounted horizontally and vertically since the air can tolerate the perforation of the profile.

System 2 is associate steel system that consists of Omega profiles at the joints and U profiles as centre profiles. These ar vertically mounted on the loadbearing wall victimization brackets. Insulation is mounted between the profiles on the bearing wall. Cembrit don't advocate specific system as there ar several appropriate suppliers and kinds of systems on the market. The system such that must always be designated to suit the kind of project yet as being appropriate for supporting fibre cement.

Fixing the network Securing the network to the bearing wall should accommodates all native standards and rules yet as follow the manufacturers' recommendations. Before putting in on a loadbearing wall, the installer ought to check to confirm that wall is flat and true which the network is mounted safely.

Choose the right fixing system for the loadbearing wall sort and material. The network and fixings ought to have the acceptable levels of corrosion resistance for the native surroundings. Wind load calculations for the facade structure ought to even be thought of and distributed. These calculations can usually be done by a project/construction engineer.

The numbers of brackets, the fixing technique, depth and frequency to the bearing wall, and therefore the thickness of the steel for the network ought to be calculated by the manufacturer or by a specialist engineer.

To ensure the optimum, long run performance and aesthetic characteristics for Cembrit facade boards it's very important to confirm that the network substructure is totally straight, horizontally and vertically.

Movement joints once putting in Cembrit facade boards victimization steel support systems over an oversized space, the movement of the facade boards and therefore the network should be taken under consideration.

Instead of victimization giant VFL or Omega profiles at joints, use separate profiles to make a movement joint. This ensures that the 2 facade sections will move severally.

These joints ought to be enclosed each twelve meters most. The movement joint gap (between the 2 facade sections) ought to be minimum 8mm.

Steel network fixing and slippery points

Since the steel can expand or contract in step with atmospheric condition, the steel profiles ought to be secured victimization one fixing purpose.

The remaining fasteners ought to be mounted victimization slippery points. this permits the profiles to maneuver up and down because the steel expands or contracts. The mounted purpose ought to be placed as on the point of the centre of the profiles as potential that the profiles will move in each directions.

The example shown on top of illustrates a construction wherever the mounted bracket position is usually within the middle. only there ar two brackets, the mounted bracket ought to be the highest one - so the profiles will solely move from the highest downward. This conjointly applies once victimization VFL profiles with solely 2 fastetnings purpose, e.g under/ on top of windows.

To avoid cracking of the boards, once putting in Cembrit facade boards around windows, doors and different openings, make sure that the facade boards square measure put in properly victimization Cembrit’s directions. Cembrit recommends to avoid cutting single, actual apertures in boards, however instead you must cut smaller sections and install them severally. Cut the boards and build vertical joints of 8mm. ensure that there's support behind the joints, onto that the facade board is mounted.

Annual review

Normally Cembrit facade boards don't need any maintenance. Weathering could but influence the looks of the facade. Therefore, Associate in Nursing annual review of the ventilation gaps, joints and fixings could be a smart plan.

Detection and repair of doable injury ensures a protracted period of time for the facade.


Cembrit facade is cleansed with cold or lukewarm water if necessary with the addition of a light menage improvement agent not containing solvents. perpetually begin from below with well- defined areas. Rinse with many clean water till the facade is dead clean. Before improvement full scale, it's suggested to check the chosen improvement methodology on a smaller space to confirm it works and doesn't injury the board surface.

Lifting Cembrit facade boards

When lifting Cembrit facade boards, please contemplate your lifting ways each in terms of safety however additionally to avoid damaging the boards. once lifting or moving the facade board, please ensure to carry the board by its slender edge because it could otherwise break if handled incorrectly. If lifting Cembrit facade board manually, ensure to stick to any native rules. once lifting giant boards, use mechanical lifting gear if doable. If this lifting gear uses suction/vacuum, take care to not apply an excessive amount of suction, as this might injury the surface or leave permanent marks.