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Cembrit Multi Purpose

Cembrit Multi-purpose is a very versatile and is very suitable for a general purpose building board. Typically used for dry-lining and partition, the board can be cut to any size for all forms of panels and strips. This can always be painted on without any special priming using an alkali resistant paint or emulsion.

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Cembrit Multi-Purpose Building Board Supplier, Cembrit Multi-Purpose Manufacturers in the UK! CSS Facades Ltd

(Cembrit Multi-Purpose Building Board)

Useful in many applications, these are versatile building boards. With Cembrit Multi- Purpose Building Board, there can be many different creations that you can expect. You can use these in semi-dry applications and even in the roofline. These boards have good density and have good qualities like moisture resistance and heat resistance.

How are these boards better than the rest?

The high level of durability makes this product workable and the best in every way. You can cut these into different sizes as per the specifications. It is impact-resistant, and hence it does not change the dimensions. Is better if you really know about the benefit and features.

Features and benefits

These multipurpose fibre cement boards have a lot of good features that make them the right candidate to enhance the way these facades look. So, whether you belong to the roofing industry or, for that matter, any other, you need to be specific about the quality and, for that, buy the best quality options. The boards that we deal in would give you a perfect range in quality. The fire and heat resistance qualities that these boards give can make the quality of your interior and exterior perfect in every sense. Be ready to take charge of things so that you can execute the projects in the best possible way.

Cembrit is one amongst the leading European makers of top quality fibre-cement building merchandise. Cembrit merchandise square measure coupled in an exceedingly price effective, digitally managed style and construction flow. Cembrit boards square measure exceptionally skinny and lightweight, have enticing look, and of high strength and that they have exceptional resilience to the majority external conditions and impacts. they're stain resistant, weather resistant, have high biological resistance, non-combustible, fireproof and fast to water. They ne'er want paint, varnish or alternative surface treatments.

Class “A1” autoclaved fibre-cement board with glorious impact resistance and dimensional stability. Its sturdiness and simple operating makes it ideal move size for specific construction dimensions similarly as a carrier board for insulating foam.

Multi-purpose has been autoclaved (cured below pressure) that will increase density and dimensional stability. Multi-purpose is stronger than gypsum board and may be used outwardly. With a dry density of 1300 kg/m³, Multi-purpose will settle for alkali resistant paint or emulsion while not the requirement for a primer. Multi-purpose may also settle for secured mineral or vinylbenzene insulation.

Composition Comprising by weight c. ninetieth Portland cement and finely ground sand and c. 100% polysaccharide fibre and additives. These ingredients square measure mixed and ordered onto carrier plates that square measure stacked in autoclaves. The autoclaving method heats below high steam pressure promoting the reaction between cement and ground sand to chop-chop cure the cement. This creates a a lot of rigid, harder board with a dense surface and consistent composition creating for a a lot of stable board and better dimensional tolerances than air cured alternatives.

Cembrit Multi-purpose may be a versatile general purpose building board. generally used as dry-lining, partition and move size for all styles of panels and strips. may be painted ANy|with none} special priming victimisation an alkali-resistant paint or emulsion.

Accreditations Composition:

Multi-purpose board has been awarded a Declaration of conformity to SB nut 12467:2004 and packaging so displays a cerium mark in accordance with the development merchandise Directive 89/106/EEC.


Multi-purpose board is factory-made associate exceedingly|in a very} mill in operation an environmental management system obliging with ISO 14001:2004, Certificate range ER 0642 3/6/2009 issued by SIRIM QAS refers.

Buildings boards or ‘sheathing boards’ square measure used at intervals the façade build up, behind the external protection panels. Their purpose is varied – from strengthening the light-weight steel frame painful structure to adding acoustic, fireplace and weather / wetness protection. They additionally supply a flat surface to stick insulation to. CSS FACADES LTD provides the differing kinds of boards to suit the building’s construction.

By victimisation CSS FACADES LTD, building boards are going to be delivered able to use with no any work needed. this can be achieved by suggests that of a move size service and a nationwide distribution and sales network. we are able to cater for all general purpose building boards and fireplace protection building boards. CSS FACADES LTD delivers victimisation flatbeds, moffett assisted or customary curtain-sided trucks, victimisation our own drivers – we are able to update you on your delivery through the day.

CSS FACADES LTD stocks all the key brands on the market additionally to some up and returning merchandise unaccustomed the united kingdom marketplace so providing a full vary of general purpose building boards, fireplace protection buildings boards, wetness resistant boards, CP boards and direct render boards. CSS FACADES LTD fireplace protection building boards and general purpose building boards supply exceptional strength, impact and wetness resistance. They are very straight forward to use and to install.


Most common craft tools may be used on Multi-purpose. Multi-purpose may be sawn, drilled, planed, routed, nailed or screwed. Autoclave elicited stability makes Multi-purpose ideal as a carrier for insulation, for acceptive decoration or as infill panel.

Cembrit delivers specialist data and specialised service altogether aspects of testing, design, installation and acquisition of roofing and protection merchandise. Cembrit manufactures fibre cement roofing slates, ornamental rainscreen claddings, internal and external building boards and furrowed sheets. Accessories for all product teams square measure on the market to adjust to building laws and codes of follow. Accreditations and guarantees square measure on the market for the asking. additionally the vary is supplemented by natural slates and shingles for pitched roofs and building boards for specific applications like render backing.

CSS FACADES LTD provides a good vary of general purpose building boards to the development business as well as wetness Resistant Boards, fireplace Protection Buildings Boards, ornamental fireplace Protection Boards, CP Boards, Direct Render Boards, useful boards, Cement secured pallet boards and atomic number 20 salt boards.

The information contained during this publication and otherwise provided to users of the company’s merchandise is predicated on the company’s general expertise, best data and belief. However, as a result of factors on the far side the company’s data and management, which may have an effect on the utilization of the merchandise, no warrant is given or silent with relevancy such info.

The company’s policy is one amongst continuous improvement.

CSS FACADES restricted so reserves the correct to change specifications at any time and by surprise.

As with all factory-made materials, the looks of fibre cement board might vary in line with lightweight and weather. it's sensible to raise samples of sheets before specification and get. because of this and limitations of the writing, colors of sheets during this leaflet might solely be taken as indicative.

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