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Cembrit Multi Force

Cembrit Multi Force - the ideal choice for combined purposes in construction.

Cembrit Multi Force practical board is that the ideal resolution just in cases wherever light-weight walls and ceilings have to be compelled to be able to stand up to exceptionally laborious use and shield in case of fireplace. Cembrit Multi Force practical boards square measure product of cement and sedimentary rock filler, reinforced- with a specially designated fibre material. they need a special surface that's significantly proof against wetness, impact and other forms of professional quality use. This surface is simple to color, or to treat with other forms of end. It conjointly makes these boards straightforward to wash. additionally, Cembrit Multi Force practical boards square measure sound absorbent and non-combustible, and conjointly proof against each rot and mildew. Their exceptional sturdiness ends up in an especially long service life. Cembrit Multi Force could be a top quality multi-purpose fibre cement board for hard to please use.

Main Advantages

Moisture Resistant : -

Mould Resistant : -

Impact Resistant : -

Non Combustible : -

Noise reducing : -

Board Dimensions

Board Sizes:

Board Thicknesses:

Board Finishes:

Technical Information & Datasheet

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Cembrit Multi Force Fibre Cement Building Board Supplier, Cembrit Multi Force Manufacturers in the UK! CSS Facades Ltd

(Cembrit Multi Force Fibre Cement Building Board)

for modern construction, Building Boards are among the most fundamental components. The board can protect and shield the building, and the assets inside make these boards essential to sustainable buildings. A high-performance Cembrit Multi Force Fibre Cement Building Board offers applications and requirements that cannot be met by commonly used gypsum or wood building boards. I always prefer building boards in varied locations, and it has wide-scale applications across market segments. From weather barriers on private houses to fire barriers on high-rise buildings, Cembrit Multi Force covers everything.

Design one of the most versatile building boards to meet more than one technical requirement at a time. Cembrit Multi Force Fibre Cement Building Board helps prevent moisture penetration and mould growth at the same time. The cement grey colour with a glitter Cembrit Multi Force recognized on the surface. The specially selected fibre material makes it particularly resistant to moisture, and Cembrit Multi Force is a high- performance, non-combustible fire-rated building board for internal applications.

The features of Cembrit Multi Force

Why use Cembrit Multi Force:


Cembrit Multi Force may be a fiber-cement board and is thus sturdy and immune to damp and mold. It additionally offers pave and high performance for fireplace protection and sound insulation.


Thanks to the distinctive product properties of Cembrit Multi Force, it will be used for numerous totally different applications. Walls, each shaft- and partition walls wherever fireplace protection, sound insulation and sturdiness ar required, ar natural places for Cembrit Multi Force. It may also be employed in suspended ceilings, ceilings and balconies. out of doors surroundings isn't a tangle as long because the product doesn't freeze once soaking wet. this implies that you simply will install Cembrit Multi Force to places like side, wherever a double layer of Cembrit Multi Force twelve millimeter provides you with EI thirty resistance to fireplace.


Easily recognizable with its cement gray and glitter ing surface. The long edges of the quality boards ar beveled (2-2mm 45°) and have predrilled holes (not penetrating the board).

Fire Protection

Today safety in buildings is as vital as ever. To answer the increasing necessities in fireplace protection, Cembrit endlessly develops and tests solutions for improved fireplace protection performance. Cembrit Multi Force answers the increasing fireplace protection desires in particularly wall and ceiling applications.

Sound Insulation

The combination of weight and stiffness means Cembrit Multi Force has high sounds insulation performance. General details associated with sound insulation:

Strength and Impact Resistance

Cembrit Multi Force may be a sturdy board for harsh environments. the amount of boards and frame c-c spacing will be combined for numerous necessities. The diagram shows a way to build the wall for numerous totally different necessities

Water Resistant

Virtually unaffected by being wet. will tolerate pressure laundry, absorb ANd unleash damp in an infinite range of cycles while not losing density or strength.

Resistant to Mould and decay

The high hydrogen ion concentration worth (11) prevents the expansion of mould and alternative micro-organisms. The boards cannot rot, rust or degrade in any method in damp environments. Technical analysis Institute of Scandinavian nation (SP) found it nearly not possible to electrify mould growth on Cembrit Multi Force and thus uses the merchandise as reference for comparison of alternative materials.

Resists war

Unaffected by micro-organisms, alcalescent or organic solvents. will but be full of acids, like chemical element and acid. Pests like mice and insects cannot bit Cembrit Multi Force. Heat Resistant Tolerates constant heat up to + a hundred and fifty °C.

Tolerates improvement

An untreated Cembrit Multi Force tolerates improvement with lightweight high laundry and victimisation mechanical aids. Another methodology for improvement is to use a detergent resolution followed by plentiful remotion. If significant soilure and high exposure to chemicals, oil etc., we have a tendency to suggest surface treatment with a silane / chemical compound sealer or a concrete impregnator / sealer.


Standard Cembrit Multi Force has beveled edges (2-2mm 45°). The boards square measure put in with butt joints. The beveled profile makes it simple to get an ornamental impact. For a particular order the long edges may also be left sq., or for the twelve metric linear unit thick board, the perimeters may be chamfered approx. fifty metric linear unit breadth and 1-2 metric linear unit depth.

Health and surroundings

Cembrit Multi Force consists of cement, limestone, isinglass and polyose fibers. None of the contents square measure unsafe to health, as well as any mud created by cutting the boards. In emission tests by VTT in Republic of Finland, Cembrit Multi force reached the simplest attainable M1 classification. Environmental product declaration (EPD) for Cembrit Multi Force may be found from

Planning on the idea of planned necessities for mobile sound insulation

Light partitions square measure invariably expected to own lesser sound proofing properties once put in in buildings than those measured in laboratories. the first causes square measure sound transmission round the partition and variations within the installations. e.g. the coupling of edges in double walls likewise as minor leaks. The distinction between laboratory values and field values usually amounts to 4-7 dB

Usually the flanking constructions and also the joints ought to be dimensioned and performed in such a fashion that the overall sound transmission round the partition doesn't exceed the sound transmission through the wall. With the idea, the values for Rw as per the tables on page 4-8, may be applied. just in case of doubt, Associate in Nursing analysis by Associate in Nursing acoustic professional should be conducted, as an example on the grounds of calculations consistent with linear unit 12354-1:2000 with the SEBASTIAN package. Likewise, calculations of different single variety values than Rw may be created by Associate in Nursing acoustic professional on the idea of the reduction figure per 1/3 octave.

Calculation of any of the sound insulation for the combined construction, e.g. a wall with a door, should be applied in accordance with linear unit 12354-1:2000 so as to realize the foremost realistic values. the subsequent offers some vital pointers regarding ways that to avoid unsought sound transmission. but because of the high variation between the sound insulation of partitions, as indicated within the tables on page 4-8, the rules don't apply to all or any attainable things.

All light-weight, flanking walls and ceilings, as well as formworks, should be separated from the partition. an equivalent applies to floating floors. In lightweight roof constructions, the direction of the rafters should be parallel with the partition, unless a special reasonably elastic ceiling suspension is employed.

Sound proof insulation for transmission through significant, flanking walls and floors corresponds to a minimum of the laboratory worth for the sunshine weight partition used. The partition should be tight (applies to surfaces, joints and lead-ins). Leaks may arise as an example in reference to pipe leadins and in fixing the partition into significant building parts. Pipe lead-ins, etc. square measure sealed with insulator stopping and elastic joint filler from each side. electrical installation sockets, etc. square measure equipped from both sides. The sockets may be placed on either aspect of the wall, only if there are not any leaks within the protective covering.

Along edges against adjacent building components, elastic joints square measure placed on either side of the wall. However, with Rw needs below forty four decibel, a joint on one aspect is decent.

Sound Insulation needs

The sound insulation needs in a very building can be stipulated by the builder or the authorities. The mobile sound insulation values square measure vital to work out in reference to style|the look} of the structural design, because it are tough and dear to enhance the values, once the building component is completed.

Concerning pipe lead-ins, the actual fact that radiators may transmit mobile sounds from one area to a different, if they're connected with short, unbroken heat pipes should be taken under consideration.

Sound transmission through ventilation channels or contemporary air intakes while not acceptable sound reduction might decrease the sound proof insulation significantly. the danger of such reduction is greatest between fittings connected to constant string and between contemporary air intake with a spacing but two m. To avoid sound transmission via roof areas most expeditiously, the partition should be lead all the thanks to the ridge. or else.