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Cembrit HD

Cembrit HD is associate uncoated, untreated, natural gray solid fibre-cement facing sheet with a building material look. The sheets area unit sturdy, dimensionally stable, impact resistant and area unit straightforward to figure with. the fabric withstands extreme climates, resists rot and plant life, and consists of natural materials. Cembrit HD combines worth for cash with environmental awareness – ideal for up to date building. Cembrit HD are often used uncoated in exposed things like rainscreen claddings. It also can be used as a mopboard for ornamental coatings or veneers and is hard enough to face up to impact, abrasion and even jet laundry.

Cembrit HD is supplemented by a whole vary of accessories to make sure easy, straightforward installation and might be used as a top quality building board, or as a region of a airy facade answer.

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(Cembrit HD Fibre Cement Cladding Sheet)

For agriculture and construction, Cembrit HD is an external building board. Due to weather resistance, the sheet is used as a fully exposed rain-screen cladding or as a panel, infill fascia, or soffit due to its weather resistance. Cembrit HD Fibre Cement Cladding Sheet is a strong, durable, natural homogeneous fibre cement cladding sheet with unique properties. Cladding is dimensionally stable, impact-resistant, and would withstand extreme climates. Cembrit HD is very resist to any rot and fungus, and just like all the fibre cement is composed of a natural materials.

Cembrit Panel is a large fibre cement sheet suitable for use if you want to cover large areas and hard-to-reach places. Replace the plywood with this in areas exposed to rain and humidity like fascia boards, bargeboards, soffits, and dormer windows. Install the cladding like any wooden alternative. It has excellent fibre cement properties, and due to this, it doesn't rot, crack, warp and require repainting. The typical long service life of fibre gives maximum resistance to exterior exposure. It comes in two variants; a smooth and a cedar surface derived from a natural cedar transfer system. Cembrit Construction is an uncoated, untreated high-density building board sheet with many years of use in demanding areas.


Cembrit Construction is AN untreated fibre cement board that permits the authentic look of the rough fibre-cement to square out. In nature, Cembrit Construction could be a building board which might be put in for facing functions, once a natural and rough expression is desired.

Cembrit Construction could be a natural material and variations could occur within the individual boards and from board to board, adding an active expression to your facade. Cembrit Construction could be a top quality fibercement building board used as each a building board yet as a section of a louvered facade answer.

Product data Cembrit fibre cement could be a trendy artefact made of natural and environmentally friendly raw materials. Holding quite eighty years of expertise among the manufacture of fibre cement, Cembrit ensures a property product that has accumulated all the benefits of fibre cement.

Cembrit Construction:

Cembrit Construction is AN untreated fibre-cement board that permits the authentic look of the rough fibre cement to square out. In nature, Cembrit Construction could be a building board which might be put in all told self-ventilated lightweight weight facade constructions.

Featuring properties like non combustibility, sound and weather insulation yet as high impact strength, Cembrit Construction is that the ideal facing product.

The fibre-cement boards square measure created from a composition of cement, mineral fillers, polyose and plastic fibres.

Surface look

Cembrit Construction is AN untreated, gray fibrecement board with a sleek surface and robust properties. as a result of its natural composition, variations in look could occur within the individual boards and from board to board. Please note that this doesn't have any negative result upon the sturdiness and performance of the boards.

In order to minimise variations within the end-result, we have a tendency to counseled that boards supposed for constant facade square measure taken from constant batch as minor variations could occur from one production ton to a different.

Cembrit Construction is painted on-the-scene with acrylic systems appropriate for cement based mostly materials.

Preferred application areas are:


Cembrit screws for fixing facade boards square measure made from stainless-steel for achieving the best corrosion resistance. Mushroom head wood screws four.5 x 36/41 square measure used for picket subconstructions. The screws have purposey} point and a quick cutting thread that guarantee firm fixing with a high pull-out worth.

An alternative answer for picket sub-constructions is that the wing nut four.9 x thirty eight that is provided with a drilling bit and thus needs no pre-drilling.

Cleaning of boards once cutting and drilling

It is necessary to right away take away mud caused by cutting and drilling from the front and rear of the boards with a soft brush/duster or a household appliance, because it otherwise would possibly harm the boards. make sure that the boards square measure properly clean before installation, and if necessary use clean water or water with a light detergent and a soft sponge or brush to get rid of dirt and mud from the surface. Thereafter, wipe the boards with a moist textile. it's going to even be necessary to clean the surface once installation, if the vacant lot conditions are unfavourable. this is often through with countless clean water or water with a light detergent and a soft sponge or brush and eventually wiping the boards with a moist textile.

Cleaning of neighbor areas

Windows and enclose explicit however conjointly alternative ad-jacent areas should be unbroken clean throughout the façade board installation and if necessary protected with sheet. alkalescent activity from cement secured materials (dust from cutting or drilling holes in structural concrete, etc.) is at risk of damaging glass and alternative materials. Therefore, frequent cleanup throughout and once the development amount is required.

Surface damages and scratches

Damages and scratches ought to be avoided by lifting the boards off the pallet and handling them fastidiously throughout installation. Scratches would possibly leave white streaks on the surface which is able to flip dark once exposed to rain, as a result of the board absorbs water through the scratch. In any case the dark space can diminish once vi to twelve months, as a result of the suffusion reactions within the cement matrix of the board

Behaviour in wet conditions

Since the boards square measure made from cement, their color could flip darker once exposed to rain if the board absorbs wetness through holes. this is often natural behaviour for any cement based mostly product and it doesn't have an effect on the integrity or long-run sturdiness of the board. the initial color is renovated as presently because the boards dry out. The darkening can show once serious rain for the primary months once installation. it'll bit by bit cut back among vi to twelve months, as a result of the cement based mostly matrix reacts with CO2 from the atmosphere – permeation - and thereby reduces water penetration.

Annual review

Normally Cembrit facade boards don't need any maintenance. Weathering might but influence the looks of the facade. Therefore, Associate in Nursing annual review of the ventilation gaps, joints and fixings may be a smart plan. Detection and repair of potential harm ensures a chronic life for the facade.

Lifting Cembrit facade boards

When lifting Cembrit facade boards, please take into account your lifting ways each in terms of safety however conjointly to avoid damaging the boards. once lifting or moving the facade board, please ensure to elevate the board by its slender edge because it might otherwise break if handled incorrectly. If lifting Cembrit facade board manually, ensure to stick to any native rules. once lifting giant boards, use mechanical lifting gear if potential. If this lifting gear uses suction/vacuum, use caution to not apply an excessive amount of suction, as this could harm the surface or leave permanent marks.