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Why Do Most People Prefer Cembrit Cladding?

(CSS Facades supplies Cembrit Cladding throughout the UK)

Cembrit cladding is made from natural and environment-friendly raw materials. If you want to cover large areas or hard-to-reach places then Cembrit Cladding is the best option. Replace your plywood from areas exposed to rain and humidity. It has excellent fiber properties so that it doesn't rotten, crack and wrap. Due to being non-combustible and resistant to moisture Cembrit is the ideal solution for replacing wooden on facades. It is available in a range of different colours and it has an external appearance of wood. It has a 15-year warranty and is also lightweight, and UV-resistant.

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Safety and style Cembrit Cladding Range

Cladding material provides long-term safety and integrity. The main focus of Cembrit Facade Cladding has always been safety and integrity. During the manufacturing stage, the installation process and safety of Cembrit products are done. The range of benefits is offered by Cembrit claddings to the architect and specifier. The beautiful designs are included in this for an upgrade and newbuild, due to long lasting colours and finishes.

We have a range of cladding which include large format panels which are perfectly suited private project or commercial projects including Cembrit cempanel. Cladding grows in popularity across many applications. The material created by fiber cement manufacturing has a concrete-like strength. Fibre cement cladding is easier to transport and is light in weight.

What makes Cembrit Cladding Such A Popular Choice?