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Cedral Soffit and Fascia Boards

Cedral side and facia boards may be accustomed cowl roof edges, reveals and different facade components. All product during this vary have a swish end and ar offered within the same painted colors as Cedral, making a sexy, consistent look all the way down to the closing detail! Cedral side and facia board is out there in panel widths of twenty, thirty and 40cm, giving the right skilled end across soffits, fascias and different facade components. Cedral Boards ar offered in an exceedingly choice of standard colors.

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What Are the different Features And Benefits Of Cedral Cladding and Cement Cladding, Cedral Board?

(CSS Facades supplies Cedral Soffit Board, Eternit Cedral Weatherboard, Cedral Cement Board Cladding, Cedral Cement Cladding)

To cover roof edges reveals and other facades elements soffit boards with smooth finish are used. Cedral Soffit Board creates a consistent look because products in this range have a smooth finish and are available in the same painted colours, Cedral soffit and fascia boards has many different colour to choose from according to your style.

Features and benefits

Eternit Cedral Weatherboard

For the cost-effective and sustainable Marley produce high-quality and high-performing facade systems, Eternit Cedral Weatherboard is a perfect choice. Cedral Weatherboard is made from fiber cement which can easily maintain its look even in harsh weather conditions. The authentic features are combined with modern high-quality interiors and used for several purposes such as a home, offices. playroom and artist studio. To retain the traditional appearance they select the material with plenty of colour to choose from.

What is Cedral Cement Board Cladding?

If you are interested in Cedral fibre Cement Cladding then don't hesitate to contact CSS Facades.

The ideal low maintenance, rot free various to ancient timber weatherboard.

Fibre cement offers each up to date and versatile style choices, and is employed by several architects and owners to form gorgeous facades. the straightforward combination of wood polyose, sand, artificial fibres, water and cement create fibre cement one amongst the foremost environmentally friendly and comprehensive building product out there.

Hard as stone simple as wood.

The material’s multi-layered fibre structure supports the cement and alternative components, which supplies it spectacular strength, and implies that it will be way diluent than concrete.


Cedral is right as AN over-clad resolution for existing properties, or as a part of a replacement build facade. out there in a very large choice of manufactory applied colors, enabling owners and designers to form placing, individual homes, that ar low maintenance.

Cedral Lap and Cedral Click

With the visual attractiveness of natural timber, simplicity of installation and resistance to rot, Cedral is a horny, low maintenance various to any or all varieties of weatherboard.


Fitted in ancient lapped vogue and with the visual attractiveness of natural timber, Cedral is a horny, low maintenance various to any or all varieties of weatherboard.


Cedral Click is that the UK’s initial flush fitting, fibre cement, tongue and groove protective cover board and is equipped a straightforward ‘Click Clip System’, that makes installation fast and straightforward.

System principle: aerated rainscreen

Cedral Lap and Cedral Click ar put in to the aerated rainscreen principle. this implies air will flow in at the bottom of the system, behind the protective cover so out, over the highest of the Cedral weatherboard system.

A minimum 30mm ventilation gap should be left behind the boards with a minimum 10mm continuous gap left at the highest and bottom of the system for full circulation.

The air flow behind the Cedral weatherboard allows the system to get rid of wet. preventive this method could lead on to wet issues inside the system.


Cedral Lap is on the market in a pair of woodstain shades designed to mimic the looks of stained natural wood end and in and of itself, a variation in color and shade is a component of the result inherent within the material style. The semitransparent end are accentuated by the consequences of close lightweight and viewing angle. because of clear coating, it's not suggested to put in Cedral Lap woodstain colors vertically.

Cedral Lap will be equipped AN exceedingly|in a very} vary of twenty one works applied colors and 2 woodstain finishes providing an aesthetic choice to suit most project needs. Cedral Click and Cedral Click sleek finishes will be equipped during a vary of ten works applied colors. different colors inside the vary, tailor-made colors and Cedral Click sleek.


Cedral enhance paint is on the market in zero.5 cubic decimeter quantities for all colors. this could be applied meagrely with alittle brush, solely wherever there's injury to color or on cut edges. Any overspill ought to be removed like a shot.


Cedral ought to be keep below cowl on the pallets on that they're equipped. Any temporary transportation hoods ought to be removed to unleash Associate in Nursingy at bay wet and also the pack re-covered with an opaque tarp. The planks ought to be shielded from mud staining.


Care ought to be taken in any respect times once handling Cedral on the flat, because it will break. whereas Cedral is keep on the flat, it ought to be totally supported on its full length advisedly designed pallets. Manual handling is best administered with the planks carried on their sides. once one person is carrying a plank, it ought to be turned on to its aspect before being raised off the stack, and so the handler should keep their hands as so much apart as attainable to produce most support for the board.

Screwing (recommended)

Screw fixing to the support structure is suggested and may be achieved while not pre-drilling wherever fixings area unit a minimum of 50mm from the tip of the board. wherever screws area unit to be inside 50mm of the tip of the board then a pre-drilled hole and countersink is needed to suit the screw size. Screws should be chrome steel min. size 4.2 x 45mm.



The board are often hand nailed while not pre-drilling once the nails area unit a minimum of 50mm from the tip of the board. For nails nearer than 50mm to the tip, nail positions would like pre-drilling with a 3mm bit. traditional HSS drill bits are often used however they'll would like regular sharpening. Nails ought to be chrome steel ring shank, minimum size a pair of.8 x 45mm with 7- 10mm head.


Cedral are often pneumatically nailed. there's an oversized choice of guns on the market. chrome steel fixing may be a should, because they last as long as the board. The nail length ought to be 50mm and be a pair of.8mm dia. a hoop shank nail is most popular and includes a full spherical head of 7mm DIA. the kind of gun nail that includes a slender head (The nail appearance additional sort of a “T” section) isn't acceptable. Nails with a “C” formed head area unit acceptable however ought to be minimum 7mm-dia head.

Trial nailing ought to be conducted to line the depth of the fixing, and the way getting ready to the sting of the board nails are often placed.

Any gas gun that is being thought-about, should be adjustable otherwise the nails might either be laid-off throughout the board or left happy with the face of the board (check with manufacturer).

Nails ought to be flush with the board face.

Perforated closures

ALUMINIUM end a pair of.5M LENGTH

Perforated closures ought to be screwed or nailed to each the highest and bottom of battens. they're designed to guard against birds, rodents and a few insects whereas still permitting air to flow through the system.

Vertical profiles

Cedral trims area unit 3m long and made to satisfy the specified safety standards and have a secured level of quality. they're color matched to Cedral planks and branded on the reverse for straightforward identification.


When 2 planks of Cedral area unit joined along and glued to 1 batten, a protecting strip ought to be placed onto the batten to protect against wet ingress. this can be referred to as Associate in Nursing EPDM strip. Planks ought to be loose butt articulated along, don't use force.


This is once the board of 1 facet overlaps the tip of the plank on the opposite facet. there'll invariably be one finish of plank showing with this methodology. These ends ought to be adorned to match the end on Cedral. The transversal cuts of the plank at the corner positions won't be perpendicular with the edges of the boards.

Finishing & decoration

Touch up paint is out there all told colors of Cedral. this could be applied meagrely with atiny low brush, solely wherever there's injury to color or on cut edges. For woodstain shades, gently coat the cut edges with the retouch paint to shield against edge staining post installation.


The vertical reveal sides of a window are often finished with the Cedral Click external corner profile. At the window head, the header profile are often used. This header profile are often used with whole Cedral Click planks or with cut planks. Holes within the lower a part of the rear of the profile forestall water pooling within the profile.


A louvered rainscreen protective cover system should be mounted onto battens to permit Associate in Nursing air gap behind the protective cover.

With a conventional horizontal installation of Cedral solely vertical battens would be required.

To install Cedral vertically, vertical battens should be put in initial, with horizontal counter battens then placed on high. this enables the air gap behind the protective cover whereas giving a fixing purpose. The horizontal battens ought to be quadrilateral in form to permit for water flee.


The Cedral screw ought to be used. The screw is supplied with a awfully sharp purpose and wings on the shaft therefore the pre-drilling of the panel isn't required.


The following accessories are often obtained from CSS FACADES LTD

The natural origins of Cedral

Cedral facade could be a prime quality and sturdy fibre cement plank, created mistreatment natural raw materials: cement, water and wood fibres. These planks will produce a fine looking modern or ancient look that may last a lifespan.

Choose from a spread of colors Cedral planks area unit offered in an exceedingly wide selection of colors and may be placed each vertically and horizontally.

A full vary of trims and accessories offers an entire system.

Let your creativeness run free and provides your house a private vibrant bit

A sturdy facade

A Cedral facade helps to safeguard your home against the harshest atmospheric condition.

Cedral has wonderful water, ultraviolet illumination and frost resistant properties.

The fibre cement planks also are proof against rot and proof against attack by fungi, bacteria, insects and vermin, making certain your facade can stand the check of your time.

Achieves a prime hearth rating

Did you recognize that our building materials have associate degree stand out - Lent reaction to fireplace rating. formally the classification is A2-s1,d0. Being a part of the a bunch means that our materi - als haven't any restriction on wherever they'll be used, and in some countries may be thought-about as non-combus - tible. The s1 rating is that the highest level of performance against generating smoke, whereas the d0 rating means the fabric doesn't turn out flaming droplets. in brief they're non-flammable.

Perfect for renovation

Fibre cement protection is that the ideal material for the renovation of a facade. it'll cowl imperfections and defend new put in insulation, leading to a professionally finished aesthetic. The protection is put in to the surface of your home making certain stripped disruption throughout your renovation project.

Low maintenance

During production, the Cedral planks square measure coated with layers of UV resistant paint. the fabric is dimensionally stable and decay resistant, therefore doesn't need regular maintenance. wash sometimes with cleansing agent water to assist keep your facade wanting pretty much as good as new.

Easy to put in

The support structure for a Cedral facade is simple: vertical battens with a centre-to-centre distance of up to sixty cm. The Cedral vary conjointly includes color matched trims and enhance paint to finish your facade superbly.

Bespoke screws and clips guarantee fast and straightforward installation, making a perfect end

Cedral Board

Cedral Board is an impression resistant, sturdy and flat board, ideal for soffits and fascias.

Cedral Board is offered in nine colors and within the following sizes:

Cedral side and connective tissue boards may be wont to cowl roof edges, reveals and different facade components. All product during this vary have a sleek end and square measure on the market within the same painted colors as Cedral, making a horny, consistent look all the way down to the concluding detail!


Cedral side and connective tissue board is offered in panel widths of twenty, thirty and 40cm, giving the right skilled end across soffits, fascias and different facade components. Cedral Boards square measure on the market during a choice of widespread colors.