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What Are the Benefits of Cedral Cladding Boards?

(CSS Facades supplies Cedral manufacturer in the UK and Cedral Cladding and Cedral soffit and fascia and Cedral Board Cladding and Cedral Weatherboard)

Cedral Weatherboard is very easy to build a beautiful home and resilient, you can build a sustainable homes with Cedral cladding by bringing roofing and facade solutions together. With Cedral board, it becomes easy to cover all the singular points of the building façade need. The Cedral soffit and fascia boards available in 9mm thickness and board size 2500mm x 1220mm or 3050mm x 1220mm and weight 47.4kg per board, this provides perfect roofing material and also creates a unique full solution. Cedral improves the look of an existing building. Cedral materials is innovation with a lot of colour to choose from according to your project need or just to complete your products and solutions.

Benefits of Cedral cladding and Cedral Weatherboard and Cedral soffit and fascia boards

Cedral Weatherboard and Cedral soffit and fascia boards are very easy to install and this is available in Cedral Click and Cedral Lap, Cedral cladding is very popular as it adds value to your property. These are available in different colours and in smooth finishes or wood effect finishes. Cedral Cladding helps to improve the look of your property and bring out the aesthetics. For a brilliant finish that helps to insulate your property Cedral cladding is a versatile cladding solution that fitted over vertical or horizontal of the property. With the insulating property Cedral cladding it’s becomes possible to stop sounds from leaving and entering your house. The tongue and groove fitting system can be fitted vertically or horizontally. The simple and common overlap or click design gives shadow lines for a great traditional wooden board look.

Cedral Cladding UK
Cedral Cladding Boards

To get the perfect finish for your Cedral cladding, you will need all the corner trims which are available in the full range of colours to match your requirement. Cedral is very durable and last for a very long time which is why is very popular among the construction industries, it's possible that Cedral cladding last for many years to come and it is highly durable. Cedral cladding always add value and give brilliant investment for homeowners.

Cedral Board Cladding

Cedral Weatherboard comes in two different type of style such as tongue Groove which is Click or the Lap style version, Cedral Weatherboard is a fiber cement and is an ideal choice for low maintenance, rot-free alternative. Cedral Board has a tongue and groove system which is placed horizontally and vertically. There is no need to paint the board. The boards are easily washable with soap and water. With the click clip system and trims it's easy to install and also available in wood and smooth finish.

Weatherboard are available in Cedral Click and Cedral Lap, what are the different, the Cedral Click simply click to one another, while the Cedral Lap simply lap over one another, which Cedral is right for you? This will depends on your preference both Cedral Lap and Cedral Click are good value for money with low maintenance.

Cedral Click length 3600mm x 186mm, Cedral Click thickness 12mm Cedral Click weight 12.2kg per plank, and Cedral Lap length 3600mm x 190mm, Cedral Lap thickness 10mm Cedral Lap weight 11.2kg per plank.