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Aquapanel Outdoor

AQUAPANEL® Cement Board out of doors is Associate in Nursing innovative thanks to build exterior walls and facades. The board is that the ideal exterior render substrate and may be used for several different surface finishes, like paint or brick slips. it's a sturdy, non-combustible building panel and helps to make equally robust however considerably agent structures, that provides a lot of interior house in buildings. AQUAPANEL® Cement Board out of doors is formed entirely from inorganic materials and withstands even extreme climate. Its flexibility permits the board to be arciform, creating it a extremely versatile building resolution.

Main Advantages

Strong however still light-weight, AQUAPANEL速 Cement Board outside may be a future-proof artefact. Besides its strength and low weight, there area unit multiple different edges for architects, contractors, and building users alike:

Board Dimensions

Board Sizes:

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Board Finishes:

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Aquapanel Exterior Cement Board supplier at intervals the GB - Aquapanel outside Cement Board manufacturers at intervals the UK! CSS Facades Ltd

(Aquapanel Exterior Cement Board, Aquapanel outside Cement Board)

Aquapanel Exterior Cement Board provides a solid, dry base which is able to face to the extraordinary weathering effects of wind, rain, and snow. it'll be used for exterior walls in ventilated systems, ceilings, and soffits and could be a excellent substrate for directly applied render finishes. the surface board are left unfinished for up to six months, once taped and articulate, pattern the smallest windows of probability to shut the surface enclose. Aquapanel Exterior provides a fast, top of the range, and intensely economical totally different to ancient construction methods. Exterior Wall forms a building envelope which is able to resist extreme rain and humidity. It's totally waterproof, and since it's inorganic, it'll not get musty, soften or swell.

For use as a ventilated exterior pane system on timber frame and steel frame buildings, Aquapanel outside Cement Board has been tested and licensed by the BBA. NHBC, Premier Guarantee, and LABC accept Exterior Panel. Aquapanel Exterior is certainly falcate and permits swing branch of information choices to make. it's ideal for creating exterior soffits and additionally the illusion of an inside ceiling continued through the facade to the surface of the building.

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Key Facts

General info

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside may be a strong ANd stable weather resistant cement- based protection and directly applied thin-coat render-backer board that is an economic different to ancient brick and block construction, similarly as a standard render carrier board. Multiple render makers have approved Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside as a patron board for his or her renders with several providing an entire joint BBA system certificate.


Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside provides a very solid dry base that may face up to any of the acute weathering effects, such as any wind, rain and snow. Once taped and articulate, it are often left unfinished for up to six months, creating use of the tiniest windows of chance to ocmpletely shut the external envelope, maximizing the potency of the project schedule.



What ar the most framework centres?

600mm in the majority traditional conditions. In higher wind load zones, the framework ought to be at 400mm centres and for higher impact environments, the framework ought to be at 300mm entres. Contact Technical Services for additional info.

Where ought to fixings be located?

15mm from the board edge and each 250mm up the framework.

How significant is that the board?

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside incorporates a mass of 16kg/m². 1200mm long board is seventeen.28kg and 2400mm long board is thirty four.56kg. because the board is light-weight and solely 900mm wide, it means it will simply be worked from staging, instead of having to be cut on the bottom and carried to the fixing position.

What else do i would like to specify / order to finish my project?

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Joint Filler - gray, AQUAPANEL® Tape, AQUAPANEL® Screws (dependent on framework type), and exterior skinny render coat system (incorporating a contemporary skinny basecoat and mesh, and a end coat).

Must i exploit Knauf AQUAPANEL® accessories?

In order to accommodates Knauf's system assurance, solely Knauf counseled accent elements provided by Knauf ought to be used.

Can I use any of the brick slips, or any of the natural stone or even an external tiles as a finish?

Yes, a skinny coat render basecoat and reinforcing mesh is needed beforehand, however a tile end is feasible. variable tile sizes and weights ar potential, stud / batten centres would be mere at intervals your Knauf specification. Indicative most tile weight of 40kg/m² with frame at 600mm centres. For any heavier systems, please contact Knauf Technical Services.

Can I apply a sand and cement render?

When applying a sand and cement end, it's necessary to notice that sand and cement renders ar non consistent mixes, and after they dry ar terribly serious and brittle. we might advocate that a contemporary skinny coat render basecoat with reinforcing mesh is applied beforehand, which a layer of sand and cement (no over 10mm thick) is applied over this. pay attention if applying a key into the basecoat, to not move or injury the mesh.

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside, and also the basecoat and mesh layer can absorb a number of the movement from the structure, however cracks and generally firing of the sand and cement end should still occur. it's going to be higher to think {about|to contemplate} liasing along with your render system provider of alternative about choices for a sand and cement kind end victimization either the basecoat or a contemporary end layer.

Can I get a regular rated wall with this board?

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside is A1 rated to nut 13501; it's so non-combustible and can not enable fireplace to unfold on its surface. However, because the board is put in over a drained and aerated cavity, any fireplace could trail the protective covering. A regular fireplace rated walling system would be accomplished from the protection layer inwards. Cavity fireplace stopping ought to be mentioned with the passive fireplace stopping specialists on the theme.

Can I dot and dab to blockwork?

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside can not be dot and dabbed solely. This board should be automatically mounted if applied to blockwork. don't use a mineral bonding adhesive in external applications, use an acceptable external grade cement-based adhesive to position the boards before automatically fixing. As per the BBA certificates, once applied over timber or steel frame structures, Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside shouold be put in onto a drained and aerated cavity.

What is the utmost cavity depth needed?

New build insurance suppliers state that the cavity must be a minimum of 25mm in European country and Wales, and 50mm in European country, Northern Ireland and Republic of eire.

Do we got to build employing a cross battened batten framework?

Knauf details show a cross battened framework, however sometimes there's not a desire for the horizontal batten; one vertical batten will be used being mounted through the breather membrane to the timber studs behind. The cross battened system is employed once the protection is required to be pushed faraway from the structure to align different protection, or if the vertical battens got to be nearer because of wind hundreds and / or impact performance - the horizontal battens square measure mounted back through to the timber studs and also the vertical battens to the horizontal battens (ensure fixings between battens square measure appropriate for the appliance and protection weight).

Does the cross battened system got to be horizontal to the structure and vertical behind the Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor?

Yes, the vertical battens should be behind the Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside as any wetness that will kind are to the coldest surface that is that the back of the protection - a vertical batten behind this face permits any wetness to empty down.

How does one fix battens to a SIP Panel System?

SIP Panels don't have studs at intervals all of their structures; but, the outer OSB layer is thick enough to require the protection system directly mounted to that. Battens should be screw mounted to the outer SIP OSB layer (though the breather membrane). see the SIP System provider for qualification.

Is the system aerated at the top of the cladding?

Yes, the protective covering should be ventilated at the top of the protective covering with a minimum gap of 10mm between the highest of the rendered protective covering and therefore the structure on top of (soffit box, coping etc.). this permits any heat damp air to flee from the cavity.

Can the Knauf AQUAPANEL® go down onto a walling below?

No, there should be a drained and ventilated cavity at the bottom of the protective covering. The minimum gap should be 15mm + any expected settlement, growth or deflection. Contact Knauf Technical Services on a way to detail this junction.

Can you use this to fireside incase steel?

No, this board isn't approved for this use.

Do l have to be compelled to end the board?

The Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside, once taped and articulated , is also left exposed for up to six months before a render basecoat and reinforcing mesh should be applied as aminimum - this can't be left un-rendered indefinitely and isn't appropriate for direct painting. The render basecoat acts to weatherproof the systemand maintain Knauf's necessities. The basecoat and reinforcing mesh is also painted while not having a greatcoat render applied, but in these cases, the tape and jointing method should guarantee it uses the 200mm wide tape instead of the quality 100mm tape.

Can this board be used indoors?

Knauf offers AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor for internal applications. However, any Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside panels not used is utilized in internal applications.

Do I render to the rough or sleek face?

We advocate that the graceful face is rendered onto. If the boards are put in rough aspect out, create a note of the batch variety against the project name and render is applied to the rough aspect.

Can Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside be put in to offsite made-up systems?

Yes. because the boards ar simply sinuate with none prejudicious result to their performance, they'll be put in, Associate in Nursingd taped and articulated in an offsite manufactory application and captive around while not issue. appropriate versatile finishes is applied offsite additionally, however thought on put in protective covering alignment ought to be created (sometimes higher to complete on site).

Do I even have to render Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside straight away?

No, the boards will be left while not the three to 5mm gaps being stuffed for between four to six weeks before the trendy skinny coat basecoat, mesh and end got to be applied to weathertight the facade. Apply the skinny coat basecoat into the gaps before applying the total surface application.

How long will the Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside be left exposed before I ought to render them?

If the Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside boards ar taped and articulate victimisation Knauf AQUAPANEL® Joint Filler - gray and AQUAPANEL® Tape, the facade walling is briefly weathertight. once taped and articulate, Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside will be left exposed through all United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland weathers for up to six months. before applying the render end, check the boards ar clean, not broken and fully dry.

Do I even have to tape and joint the boards?

Knauf advocate that the boards ar put in with a three to 5mm gap all round the boards, and every one joints ar taped and articulate victimisation Knauf AQUAPANEL® merchandise (this should be in hot water side applications). If the skinny coat render basecoat and mesh layer goes to be applied inside four to six weeks of the boards being put in, the tape and jointing application will be omitted, however the basecoat should be applied into the gaps before application of the basecoat and mesh layer.

Can this board be curved?

Yes, as a full board, a radius of all the way down to 3m is feasible. If the board is delve 300mm strips, then a radius of as very little as 1m is possible.

Does the board have smart retreat strength?

No, this is often not a cement fibreboard and any fixtures ought to be planned prior to such ply (or similar) pattressing is enclosed within the grid system.