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Aquapanel Indoor

As a part of a contemporary drylining technology, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is that the good board for exceptionally light-weight performance, dependableness and stability even within the most difficult wet and wet conditions for each wall and ceiling applications. This properties ar creating it ideal for everything from swimming pools and steam saunas to communal showers and room areas. Manufactured from inorganic materials and extremely proof against water and mold, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor weighs solely eleven weight unit per area unit - creating it simple to handle and quick to put in. With outstanding flexibility compared to different merchandise, it's appropriate to be used with incurved walls and ceilings too.

Main Advantages

Created for future generation of creative , property buildings, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is ever-changing the approach the globe builds. It comes with a bunch of performance, processing, and finishing benefits:

Performance : -

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(Aquapanel Interior Cement Board, Aquapanel Indoor Cement Board)

AQUAPANEL interior cement board could be a solid, sturdy tile backing board for internal use in wet and wet areas. A optical fiber meshes embedded within the back and front surface use collective hydraulic cement. The new Aquapanel Interior Cement Boards supply lighter, additional accessible, and quicker installation. AQUAPANEL Interior Cement Board Indoor is that the good board for exceptionally light-weight performance, reliableness and stability even within the most difficult wet and wet conditions for wall and ceiling applications. Aquapanel Interior screws guarantee a fast and simple installation with no special tools needed, and it is easy to unravel internal issues older once ancient backing material gets wet. AQUAPANEL Cement Board Indoor is light-weight, creating it straightforward to handle and quick to install; it can even be sinuate, gap several style choices.

Storing and Handling

Storing and Handling Before installation, shield the AQUAPANEL indoor cement board from the result of wet and weather. The damp board should be set flat and dried on each side before use. A pallet of AQUAPANEL Interior Cement Board applies a load on the ground, and also the supporting surface should be able to carry the load of the boards. invariably hold boards upright employing a board tramcar or a self-propelled vehicle truck on a pallet. once setting the boards down, make certain that corners and edges aren't broken.

Product options

Knauf Aquapanel Interior Boards and Accessories

Aquapanel Interior may be a glass-fibre-reinforced cement board designed to be used as a superior tile backing board. it'll not deteriorate in water and offers terribly high impact resistance. it's additionally ideal as a general building board. talk over with the Knauf Aquapanel Interior book for Aquapanel Interior installation tips for industrial applications or contact Knauf Technical Services for additional info. Knauf Aquapanel Interior may be a powerful, impact-resistant glass fibre-reinforced cement tile sponsor to be used in wet and wet areas.

Key Facts

General info

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor may be a powerful impact and waterproof optical fiber strengthened cement tile sponsor board for walls. it's a light-weight board that's straightforward to put in and appropriate to be used in indoor wet and wet areas, resisting the event of mould and mildew.


Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is ideal for rooms housing swimming pools, spas and saunas, wet rooms, kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, dynamical rooms, and anyplace wherever high levels of wet ar gift as well as underground cellars and stores. Ideal to form sinuate surfaces and wave effects. It permits tiles that need air mass laundry to be utilized in areas like food handling.



How does one cut the board?

It is straightforward to chop - merely score and snap employing a stanley knife and a straight edge

Which facet of the board do I tile on?

There is a rough and sleek facet to the board; you tile onto the graceful facet.

What adhesive ought to i take advantage of for my tiles?

We advocate you utilize a cement-based versatile tile adhesive (Class C2 / S1 in step with linear unit 12004 - 12004). If you would like higher waterproofing than simply the tiles, use a water-proof adhesive provided it's cement based mostly.

If lining out a shower space in my house, do i want a polyethylene sheet to the rear of the board?

No, for domestic application this can be not required. A polyethylene sheet is a lot of sometimes applied if it's to be a go into shower or wet space (ie no shower tray), or for serious duty or high use areas, like ever-changing rooms and pool areas.

Can Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor should ever be used on the outdoors?

No, this board ought to solely be used for internal applications. Knauf offers Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board outside (which is freeze thaw tested) for exterior uses.

Can the board be used on floors?

Yes, it is used as a flooring board.

Can the board be used on ceilings?

Yes, wherever Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board SkyLite isn't being sourced, Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is wont to kind a side system, beside the coated metal framework additionally offered by Knauf.

Can Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor the board be directly painted?

We don't advocate directly painting because the jointing is probably going to point out and be ugly. For best results, tape and joint the boards victimization Knauf AQUAPANEL® Joint Filler and AQUAPANEL®Tape. so apply Knauf Interior Skim and apply the paint (by others) to the current. Direct splash zones must always be covered.

Does the board have smart disengagement strength?

No, this can be not a cement wallboard and any fixtures ought to be planned prior to such ply (or similar) pattressing is enclosed within the grid system.

Hazards Identification

Cutting Aquapanel might generate mud. The mud might irritate eyes or sensitive skin, it's going to irritate the systema respiratorium. it's higher for the operator to wear non- restrictive vesture, particularly avoiding constrictions at the neck and radiocarpal joint etc. it's suggested that job {clothing|article of vesture|vesture|wear|covering|consumer goods} ought to be washed on an individual basis from different family clothing. Cement is AN alkalic material and will cause dermatologic issues within the wet state. individuals with sensitive skin or a history of eczema ought to wear appropriate gloves or barrier creams.

Handling and Storage

Knauf Aquapanel is equipped shrink wrapped or with cardboard covers on pallets. Packs ought to be raised with a fork raise truck, the forks being set therefore there's a fair weight distribution and no deformation of the pack. guarantee handling instrumentality is of adequate capability which the personnel area unit suggested of handling procedures and safety vesture. Care ought to be taken in any respect times to avoid strain to the handlers. Boards shouldn't be raised at the short edges or carried horizontally. Carry the boards on the sting, 2 persons per board by supporting one long edge and riveting higher edge to avoid breaking thanks to flexing. Knauf Aquapanel should be keep flat in a very clean dry surroundings on a flat surface. If timber bearers area unit accustomed store boards on website, they ought to be a minimum 40mm wide and placed at most 450mm centres. Note: If handling manually, contemplate risks pro re nata by manual handling operations laws 1992. Knauf Aquapanel isn't designed to support weight. Fixers ought to work from AN freelance web.

Other info

This product ought to be used as directed by Knauf. For any information consult the technical department.

An on-the-spot risk assessment ought to be administered before use.

This safety knowledge sheet: